Lamley Daily, Mini GT

Lamley Daily : Mini GT McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is my favorite casting from Mini GT. They nailed it ! Its is a very strange car that is for sure a real nightmare for any designer. The lines are complicated, as well as the glasses, not to mention the lights and this big wing.

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1/64, Kyosho

Senna: The Champion Tribute

Here we are. The first day of Spring, also the memorable date of the birth of a Champion. Ayrton Senna would have turned 60 this year. Sadly life decided that another story took place in this day of May 1994. I decided to do this post this late morning, while reading as usual some articles […]

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Lamley Daily, Minichamps

Lamley Daily: Microchamps McLaren F1

Model: Microchamps/Paul’s Model Art McLaren F1 Line: unknown Where to get it: give eBay a go Why I am featuring it: We all have that one car. The car we’re utterly in love with. Our background picture on our computers and phones. The car we always choose on games. The car that dominates our diecast […]

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Mini GT

The McLaren Senna by MiniGT in photos.

Two videos, and then pics.  Start with this: Chills.  Senna was special, really special, and anything that pays homage to the legend gets a thumbs up from me.  So kudos to McLaren. And kudos to MiniGT for this replica: Hot Wheels has one coming too, and I cannot wait to see it finished (we saw […]

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