Tomica Striking Aston Martin Debut With A Heavyweight Super Puma

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I’m very delighted that the Aston Martin Brand has make its way into Tomica with their very first appearance starting with a striking pair of Vanquish Zagato, and also the Tomica Premium Aston Martin DB5 that is coming next month.

On a side note, the Redbox No.19 Suzuki Kanata that is supposed to be coming with the Vanquish was delayed hence it will be scheduled for this month release. What’s very interesting is the Long Tomica Super Puma helicopter instead which I’m glad I got it although I don’t really collect helicopters or aircrafts.

No.137 Japan Coast Guard Super Puma H225

The Japan Coast Guard Airbus Super Puma H225 Helicopter comes at a scale of 1/124 and it’s heavy with the entire body in diecast with minimal ABS parts. The actual twin-engined aircraft can carry up to 24 passengers with two crew and a cabin attendant depending on configuration which explain its scale. The helicopter also comes with 5 rotor blades which on downside does not propel smoothly as compared with the tail whereas the tiny wheels on the Super Puma rolls with no issues.

Although the Super Puma comes without interior nor opening features. It’s a very impressive casting be it for photoshoot along with your Aston Martin “007” casting or simply to pair with other Tomica Premium fighter jets.

No.10 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato with First Color

The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato is lighter, more aerodynamic and more powerful than regular Astons with a very limited number showcasing the best of bespoke luxury. The look is also striking as well which is no surprise why Tomica chose the Vanquish Zagato for their first Red Box appearance in 1/62 scale. The casting itself has many impressive angels especially three-quarter view which I find it very enjoyable during photoshoot.

I especially like the paintwork on the regular color in red which looks ultra premium with high gloss finish over the gun metal body for the First Color. The casting comes with a realistic plastic insert headlights with plenty of details and also opening door features which do not hinder the overall look and feel.

Both castings also comes with a standard factory suspension with unpainted racing wheels thankfully.

Overall this pair of Zagato is undeniably sleek for the Tomica Red Box series and is definitely a great addition to your exotic cars collection.

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Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

2 Replies to “Tomica Striking Aston Martin Debut With A Heavyweight Super Puma”

  1. I’m…conflicted? Not because the Aston is bad or anything (it’s not–it’s damn sexy, like a Zagato often is), but it’s hard to choose which colour is right for me (black isn’t very photogenic and red could have been okay if someone made the Touring Ferrari F12) and I’m not sure what sort of niche this will occupy in my collection. Maybe I’ll have to wait until I see the upcoming 992 Porsche 911…I dunno. The Aston doesn’t match with the supercars I have (Evora, R8, Huracan, AMG GT-R, R35/17, and NSX) which is already set with a theme of their own. Maybe I’ll have to wait until I see another Aston (DBSL, new Vantage).

    Also, ever heard of GoGoTomica?

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