Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels California Customs Ferrari Testarossa (1991)

Model: Ferrari Testarossa

Release: Hot Wheel California Customs 1991

Ebay link: Hot Wheels California Customs

Why I am featuring it: First of all, I collect this casting. I loved it when I was a young kid and I love it now. Of course, the Testarossa was one of those bedroom poster cars along with the Lamborghini Countach and the Porsche 959. Those were the big three cars that I was into as a kid and that influences my diecast collecting now. The California Customs were a special series from Hot Wheels that was not part of the Mainline. The cars featured some wild decorations and fluorescent colors which were very appropriate for the early 90’s. The 1991 release of the Ferrari Testarossa came in several variations. There were two different wheel types that were used (Real Riders or plastic Turbo Wheels). There were a couple of different color combinations of the two interior pieces. There were also some that had “Cal Customs” on the windshield and some that did not. For the variation collector, this is a fun one.

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