Lamley Daily : Kyosho Ford GT40

Model: Ford GT40

Release: Kyosho 1/64 USA Sport Car Collection 2

Ebay link: Kyosho Ford GT40

Why it is in the collection : This car and this livery are in the Pantheon of Automobile. You almost cannot go more mythic than a racing Ford GT40 in Gulf livery.

It reminds of course LeMans, vintage racing, Jacky Ickx … And it is so damn beautiful.

Kyosho has exaggerated the lower style of the car, and in my opinion, it is a little too big for strict 1/64. At least, when you compare it to an AutoWorld that is supposed to be perfectly scaled.

Nonetheless, this GT40 has a particular place in my collection. Sadly I own only one version of the 3 but I consider myself very happy to have one.

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  1. I definitely agree the car is SLAMMED, almost too much…but damn is it awesome. Does it roll or is it too low?

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