Lamley Daily : Spark Mercedes AMG GT3

Model : Mercedes AMG GT3

Release : Spark (Sparky), released this late 2019 – Team Driving Academy FIA GT World Cup Macau 2017

Where to get it : eBay is the best option

Why it is in the collection : I loooove GT3, and I am a strong collector of Spark models. Their main production is more 1/43 and 1/18 scale in high quality resin, but they dive sometimes in 1/64, and it is always a welcome deviation.

Indeed, you can see the accuracy of the line of the AMG GT3, the stance that is good, and the precision of the grill. The target price is a little under a Tarmac Works, so do the details. But this Spark is a very solid piece for any lover of GT3. Moreover, the livery is Macau GT World Cup Race, that might be the most incredible race of the year for GT cars. For sure my Macau collection is growing, and I count this Spark in.

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