The legendary AE86 continue to drift in the Initial D Dream Tomica series with a new MR2

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Dream Tomica Initial D (頭文字D) has come a long way since their first debut back in 2013. I am a big fan of Initial D and been following the manga in my teenage years since 1995 by Shuichi Shingeno. I’m also a game nerd in those days spending hours on Initial D with my Playstation 1 and arcade racing which I totally enjoy.

Over the years, Tomica has been releasing the Initial D for Dream Tomica consistently with the “Tofu” car included in every release. Till date there are many variations of Takumi Fujiwara ride to cater to new Tomica collectors who missed out the initial releases. Last month Tomica release the 7-11 Japan exclusive set of 3 which include the expected AE86 Trueno and RedSuns FC3S RX-7. The casting that stands out for me is the MR2 SW20 driven by Kai Kogashiwa. And as expected they are all snapped up within days across 7-11 stores in Japan.

Toyota AE86 Trueno (Takumi Fujiwara)

Despite countless variations of this legendary casting over the years, it still remains a hit with new and existing collectors. I’m surprised that the AE86 is the first among the set of 3 to sell out before the MR2. Till date I have almost all the AE86 castings in my collection except for one which I did a showcase video last year. This AE86 in white hood is no stranger to collectors, it comes with opening doors on both side with standard factory suspension and static opening headlights. To be frank I can’t really distinguish the difference based on the castings alone without the boxes. Still it is a great casting to collect for hardcore Initial D fans and new Tomica collectors.

FC3S RX-7 (Ryosuke Takahashi)

Unlike a number of Initial D FD3S castings in the Dream Tomica series, this FC3S is the second casting after it’s very first release back in 2016. This is also one of the casting that commands a high level of realism with realistic wheelset as compared with the rest. I guess it’s a good call by Tomica to release the FC3S again to cater to new collectors who have missed out the very first release.

The latest FC3S comes with opening doors on both sides with standard factory suspension. In terms of aesthetics and features there is not much difference between the 2 except for minor livery and outer box difference. 

Toyota MR2 SW20 (Kai Kogashiwa)

The MR2 driven by Kai is a new entry for the Dream Tomica Initial D series. Kai is a street racer and son of legendary downhill racer Ken Kogashiwa who was defeated multiple times by Bunta Fujiwara. Just like his father, Kai was defeated by Takumi as his MR2 loses traction from landing on leaves at the side of the road during their race. 

This casting is based on the No.6 Toyota MR2 event model which was released at Tomica Osaka Expo back in 2017. The body color comes in deep metallic blue which make it looks premium and stands out among the rest. It also comes with a standard factory suspension without any opening features. 

Whether you are an Initial D fan you be delighted to add these wide range of Dream Tomica Initial D castings to your collection and a new series MF Ghost has also joined Dream Tomica! 

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. That SW20 is hot! And it is long awaited return. Wonder why it took so long to release another. It looks better than the one from TEM which only sports ugly event Tampo and black targa roof and striping. This metallic blue is definitely better too. Getting this one. Maybe 3pcs so I can custom wheel them

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