Lamley Daily, Spark

Lamley Daily : Spark Bentley Continental GT3

This one in red is a 24H of Nurburgring version from 2017. I love the paint scheme, which is quite simple but the red matches quite well with the black, and the yellow lights.

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1/64, Kyosho

My 1/64 Bentley Collection

Call it the Bentley Monster. I was just about to make a quick report of the new Mini GT Bentley Continental from Bentley Shop, with 2 exclusives colors, and then wanted to compare them to other Bentley, then other colors, and then shoot them, and then bring big Kyosho’s in the party, and then shoot […]

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1/64, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily : Spark Mercedes AMG GT3

Model : Mercedes AMG GT3 Release : Spark (Sparky), released this late 2019 – Team Driving Academy FIA GT World Cup Macau 2017 Where to get it : eBay is the best option Why it is in the collection : I loooove GT3, and I am a strong collector of Spark models. Their main production […]

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