Lamley Daily: Rozkvet Mini Model Skoda 120

Model: Rozkvet Mini Model Skoda 120

Release: one of 2 vehicles made by Rozkvet back in the 1980s, the other being a Skoda 136 Favorit.

Where to get it: keep an eye on eBay listings, these don’t come up often.

Why I am featuring it: I found it in a toy shop in Prague. I’m a fan of the real Skoda 120; a small, rugged, rear engined 80s era family car. Despite criticism from some of the motoring press, cars from the series had careers as successful rally cars and road going versions were popular with motorists on a budget on both sides of the Iron Curtain. I’d never heard of the Rozkvet model or seen one before, and love its looks. Simple, clean. Pretty almost. A brilliant representation of the real thing. The rarity is a bonus. It sits on my TV unit where I pick it up to admire it often. And being Czechoslovak made means it’s the perfect souvenir for my trip.

A model that has history. I love how they chose to replicate the Skoda badging as it would be on a real 120 here.

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  1. I know a person in Brampton ON that owned one back in the 1980’s. Maybe not that model bit same body style. Am interesting car. Nice casting.

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