The Tesla Cybertruck comes to Hot Wheels

It did seem inevitable, and Hot Wheels dropped the bomb today.

Working directly with the Cybertruck designer himself, the Hot Wheels Innovation team is rolling out an extremely limited 1:10 Scale RC Cybertruck along with a 1:64 RC.

The 1:10 scale looks insane, and is on sale on HWC, but from what I hear it is VERY limited. I bit, and those who join me will see theirs delivered at the end of the year.

Of course the big question is whether we see the Cybertruck in the Hot Wheels diecast lines we collect. I have no idea, but they clearly have the license, so I think the prospect is very good.

14 Replies to “The Tesla Cybertruck comes to Hot Wheels”

  1. There’s also a 1/64 version that’s also RC (having had Zip Zaps since they were first made; I like the scale, not the vehicle). I would presume they’ve also done a mainline model.

    But, the truck is ugly, real ugly. Kinda the thing I’d draw as a five-year-old (and as an adult–I suck at art).

  2. Stupid idiotic “car’, designed by a 5 year old with a triangle…in the dark, in 2 minutes. I don’t understand why terrible, primitive simplistic lazy design is celebrated.

    1. Because terrible, primitive, simplistic lazy design isn’t celebrated. The Cybertruck is not that. It is brilliant, and the reaction to it verifies that. But you definitely don’t have to like it.

      1. No it is not, a 5 year old could do better, I could do better, i have done better, this is one truck that will fail miserably, after the initial hurrah – it will be laughed at for years to come…

      2. My view is not subjective and personal. It’s informed by 2y years as an Industrial Designer with a background in automotive design, and 15 as Professor of Design at Art Center College of Design. Any design student that would propose the Cybertruck would be chided for its lack of surface development, detail hierarchy, and of course actual functionality. It looks like an eight-year old designed it.

        You can slap ketchup on a can of tuna and call it sushi, but it’s not. You are of course free to like it.

  3. Also most of these comments are right it’s ugly but it is historical! It has nothing to do with it’s appearance, it’s about the technology.

  4. Yikes even with a $400 price tag its sold out, and for the same money you could get a nice fully kitted out 1/10th scale hobby grade R/C model car that you would actually use and get some enjoyment out of.

  5. That’s a vehicle that should stay a prototype. However Tesla says it will begin production in 2021. The technology is cool but mate it with some design and that would be winner.

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