Preview: Auto World 2020 Premium Release 1 sets off a big year for the brand.

(Auto World on ebay)

Let the big year for Auto World begin.

Let’s just dub 2020 the year of Auto World. The releases don’t have to be frequent, but they are going to be loaded. It appears Round 2 is jumping in head first on Auto World for 2020, with some very interesting new castings, going where the Chevy Pickups left off.

I can’t wait to watch it all unfold, but it starts with Premium Release 1 and the debut of the Jeep Wrangler.

(Auto World on ebay)

3 Replies to “Preview: Auto World 2020 Premium Release 1 sets off a big year for the brand.”

  1. It’s nice to see Auto World expand its horizons and continue to make different cars not usually made in 1/64 scale. That JK Wrangler is spot on and looks really good in blue! Hopefully in the future they’ll make the current JL generation to compliment it. Also, with Auto World getting into Japanese cars with the Supra, hopefully they won’t follow the same route that other brands like Greenlight or M2 do by making very few Japanese cars that have already been made in 1/64 scale. I swear if I see another Datsun 510 or 240Z made by another unassuming brand, I’m gonna flip! Please Auto World, don’t go down that road!

    1. I would gladly welcome a proper 240Z from Auto World. The Hot Wheels is customized and too large. The Matchbox is too off scale. The M2 version doesn’t have good quality in the execution. The Greenlight’s problem is that the tires are way too large. And the brands that make the better ones are too expensive for those of us who don’t usually spend 20-30 dollars a car. I have the ‘79 and I’m waiting for a 1981 or 1982 square body.

  2. I had seen the previews for the Stealth and Supra, which I’m quite excited for – but I had no idea about the ’74-76 Eldorado. That will be a must-have in all iterations. I’m sure the Silverados and Jeeps will be cash-cows, but with Greenlight already making nice versions- they don’t quite peg the excitement meter for me.

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