Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition ’70 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Model: ’70 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Release: 2017 HWC/RLC release limited to 7,000

Where to buy: Some can be found on eBay

Why I am featuring it: This is an absolutely gorgeous release of this casting. The casting has only been used prior to this release in the 2011 Hot Wheels Vintage Racing series (not to be confused with the very similar ’69 Mustang Boss 302). This one is perfect. The color is beautiful. The wheels are well chosen. Just overall a great looking car and one of my favorite RLC releases.

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  1. This is an interesting example of how the RLC has evolved in the last couple of years. This didn’t sell out. I bought one, though I think it may have been limit 2? Then once I received it and saw it and thought about it, got another to leave carded. It was available in the shop for quite a long time. It’s drop-dead gorgeous, better in the hand than in pics. Today they could build more, make it limit one, and I bet they’d all be gone on the sale day.

    Hi po hauler was another that actually lasted a while. It is a perfect pairing with the later Willys, which sold out instantly.

  2. this car has to be one of my biggest regrets.

    i came across this when i first started collecting in ’17 (started kinda with the first car culture sets the year earlier, but i wasn’t in full on collecting mode yet). so when i got seriously into it i started looking at hot wheels online, which is how i came across this site, and of course the hotwheelscollectors site. looked in the shop part and i saw this mustang available. That blue! those wheels! the matte black stripes!… i was in love.
    but i was ignorant at the time, i knew nothing about the rlc yet. i didn’t know how special these cars were. i just thought $20? for one car? i can buy a whole set of car culture for that (they were around $3.50 at this time) and i didn’t know about how limited they were, i figured i can always go back and get it, which for a while seemed plausible. the car was still on my mind, so i would check back every couple of days and look at it, thinking maybe one day, until the day came i went on the site and it was gone!
    i’ve since learned more about the rlc and cars like these so i know how special it is, but as a broke college kid i cant justify spending $100 on ebay for a toy car and regret not buying this when i had the chance

  3. It is awesome. One of the few hot wheels muscle car castings that is decent. It is the only RLC I’m looking for at the moment – and have been looking for for over a year. Prices are going up…

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