A Lamley look at the stunning Tomica Limited Vintage Ferraris

The Ferraris have taken over. The four new releases from Tomica Limited Vintage, the first of a few different Ferraris coming, have enthralled the diecast nerds. You can’t help but get out the phone or camera and shoot some angles of these beauties.

And it started with the F40, but the Dinos are catching up. It was interesting to watch actually. Basing it on what I watched with Japan Booster, their F40 presales went super fast, with the two Dinos lagging a bit behind. Same thing when the models were finally released a couple of weeks ago. The F40s were gobbled up.

But I think quite a few collectors are realizing they should have grabbed the Dinos as well. As soon as I debuted the Ferrari feature on my YouTube Channel Friday Night, Japan Booster listed all four. The first to sell out? The Yellow F40, which isn’t a surprise considering how limited it is. Next? Both Dinos, leaving the red F40 all by itself? My theory? Tons of you bought the F40, and as soon as you see the Dinos up close, you are realizing you need those too.

AAAAAAAANNNNNNNNND that is what collecting Tomica Limited Vintage will do to you. I have said on many occasion you don’t need them all, just the occasional replica of a car you really like. But deep down I hold that evil secret, that TLV is terribly addicting, and you will find a way to get more. These Ferraris are a gateway drug to a terrible, yet totally enjoyable addiction. Wait until you are pacing around you house muttering to yourself all the ways to figure out how to complete your Cedric/Gloria collection. We longtime TLV collectors are enjoying watching so many of you running straight off the cliff. Plunge, my friend. Plunge.

Here is your peer pressure:

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  1. “Plunge, my friend. Plunge.”


    OK, I’ll make an exception to those Ferraris and the 787B, maybe some of the race cars they have, and a Porsche or two, but at the price point TLV is on, it might be better to snap up 1:43 or bigger instead. Maybe they’re just not my niche, but Christ, what an oppressively expensive lot.

    1. If I was to invest in TLV though, it will be for the trucks, actually. Between the flatbed haulers and wing truck and the big car carrier, those will be pretty good key additions to a collection, if not for posterity then certainly for utility.

    2. You should see how much the 1:43 TLV/Ignition models cost. At under NZ$50 TLV is a pretty good buy but at a much higher price it’s better to buy a larger scale model.

  2. I was the first of the two to snatch up that yellow F40 the moment I saw your mention of it in the live chat. I’m a madman, since it’s the second most expensive TLV I’ve ever bought, next only to the 5-car hauler, but if the red one is anything to go by, this one will be worth every cent.

    Always love your features on these.

  3. I also bought the yellow F40 as soon as it showed up on Japan Booster. It sold out in seconds. From an objective point of view, it’s hard to justify the $100 price tag. It has two moving parts and a plastic base. And, it’s pretty tiny.
    The details are amazing considering the tiny-ness. And, if I ever have to choose between the model and eating, I have little doubt I’ll get quite a bit more back on my initial investment.

  4. I hope TLV does another F40 Release. I guess It was hard for them to get an idea on how popular they were going to be, I wouldn’t mind if they do another release as they proved to be quite popular.

    Hope they fix the minor issue with the Inner guards being transparent.

  5. I love my F40 – thanx to your enthusiasm and great YouTube review, i purchased a red one…It looks great next to my ’62 GTO, and ’03 Enzo from Hotwheels 100% line (to be honest, the HWs aren’t that far behind the Tomica detail and quality). With these cars form Maranello selling so well – I can for-see many more of these “Prancing Horse” Beauties coming (any and all cars form the classics to the latest exotics will be welcomed by me!). Lamley, Thanx for the awesome reviews!, Querque

  6. By the way, have you heard any rumors of impending production of future Tomica Ferraris in this same line from Japan Booster, etc.? Thanx, Querque…

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