All 18 Hot Wheels Zamacs of 2018, plus my Top 3. What are yours?

Man the Zamacs were hard to find this year.  Every year there seems to be one batch I have a hard time finding, but this year it was at least half of the releases that I needed help finding.  But they are worth pursuing, and I have enjoyed keeping a complete collection of them.

That means 18 more in 2018.  I opened my last 6, and ran through all of them for today’s showcase.  Plus I picked a Top 3.  Think you can figure out what they are?  And what are yours?

Enjoy, and here is to an easier time finding them in 2019.

6 Replies to “All 18 Hot Wheels Zamacs of 2018, plus my Top 3. What are yours?”

  1. Congrats for completing the 2018 Zamac set congrats again.👍 I’m still on the hunt for 1 2 3 and 13 14 15. They’re all my favorites.👍

  2. Ugh, posts like this make me so jealous because MA never seems to get Zamac HWs. I only saw one store that had any of them for sale this year, and it was the Cool-One/Aston Martin/620 batch. And of course, when I got there, the rack was just Cool-Ones and Astons. Local scalper strikes again.

    (This store clearly has a scalper or inside person- any batch with a high-demand single is always gone from racks and everything else is left- 620s, Power Wagons, Civic EFs, Skyline Haulers. Too much directed picking to be a coincidence)

  3. I can definitely attest to how hard it was finding ZAMACs this year…I am missing probably a bit more than half of these, and obviously it’s the more desirable half I’m missing. Interestingly, I was able to find the batch with the P1, 240Z and Charger Drift. There’s so many I don’t have that I want though. I really hope 2019 is an easier year.

  4. My favorites are the McLaren P1 (bought on eBay) and the Indy 500 Oval (found in Walmart dumpbin) because they are the only ones I own. 🙂 I do like them a lot regardless

  5. Cannot believe my good fortune in finding the Indy 500 Zamac at an out of state Walmart tonight! They had maybe half a dozen, along with the Corvette and a single Custom Firebird. I can’t believe these are showing up so late in the year. Like many others have reported, I had much difficulty finding the Zamacs at retail this year. I have the 2 Porsches, which I am thrilled about, as well as the Corvette, the Indy car mentioned above and that’s it! I’m not a completest on these, but I’d love to add the Aston Martin, McLaren, Custom Z to my collection. I also like the Datsun pickup and Civic and would pick those up too, if I found them.

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