An updated 2019 Matchbox Preview from the European Gathering in Leipzig, Germany

The first weekend of October was a busy one.  I was trying to make sense of the deluge of cool stuff at the Hot Wheels Convention, while European Matchbox collectors were in Germany nerding out on the Orange brand.

I couldn’t be there to cover it, but I was able to get my hands on all kinds of good footage from the event, and it is all on the Lamley Extras YouTube Channel.  My second YouTube Channel has gone through a couple of iterations, but ultimately it is there for items exactly like these: full videos of events and other models that may not totally translate on my main YouTube Channel.  Essentially I can go long and deep.

And that allows me to show you a lot of the footage from the European Gathering, including the full 2019 Presentation by Designer Abe Lugo (the updated stuff is on the main YouTube Channel), the full Charity Auction, and footage from the sales table.  It is all below, but be sure to subscribe to the Extras Channel to catch all the rest I have planned.

A massive thanks to Dirk Schleuer of MoyShop who runs the event, and provided the models I previewed and allowed me to show all this footage, as well as to @lesneylinus who shot all of this.

Pour a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy:

5 Replies to “An updated 2019 Matchbox Preview from the European Gathering in Leipzig, Germany”

    1. I know right? I was thinking the same thing from the 2019 Hot Wheels presentation as well. None of them are good presenters. They all talk and act like teenagers giving a powerpoint presentation during class. I can’t stand it! I would think designers and executives from Mattel would have a little more professional structure in their presentation and actually treat the audience like adults. They’re always getting tongue-twisted, saying ‘um’ and ‘uh’, not to mention saying ‘like’ just like a teenager, they don’t speak up enough, stupid shit like that. That’s why I prefer the picture posts with a nice description written by John Lambert than sitting through this bullshit.

      1. Come on guys , lighten up , We’re talking about toys for 3 to 5 year olds here . I’m sure the Orange and Blue teams have much better things to do with their time than trying to over complicate our obsessions with little cars .

      2. This is the designer of the matchbox toys you are buying taking time on his own to put this together strictly for collectors. Same with Albuquerque. Same with JCCS and the custom contest. All the news and previews I do of upcoming Matchbox is all because of him. And he does it all purely for collectors. I am shocked at the criticism.

  1. The poll cars i vote for is the bugatti chiron, Mclaren 570s and AMC gremlin. and matchbox cars is my kind of hoobie. (P.S. im a teen) my kids in the future can play with my hot wheels car that i dont use anymore.

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