[LAMLEY DAILY] Kyosho 1/64 Porsche 934 Jägermeister & Vaillant

#lamleydaily – July 27, 2018

Model: Porsche 934

Line: Kyosho Porsche Collection

Where to get it: It’ll pop up on ebay occasionally

Why it’s in the collection: Hot Wheels does a beautiful 934.  Of course it is a $1 Hot Wheels, so Kyosho is going to have more detail.  Still, I like the Hot Wheels a lot.  Liking the Hot Wheels won’t deter me from getting the Kyosho, obviously, but there is one specific reason I have this one: You will never see a Jagermeister Hot Wheels.  For obvious reasons.

And I don’t think any car collection is complete without a Jägermeister Porsche.  Just like you need a BRE 510, or a Petty Superbird.  It just needs to be there.  And the Kyosho is perfect.  And the Vaillant makes for a perfect pair.

This pair was actually given to me by a friend, and I treasure both.  I am putting my new wall displays up, and both will find a place in a very limited space for Kyosho.  I thought I would take photos before they go up.

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