Hot Wheels unveils the new-for-2019 Honda Cyber Sports CRX

Little Hondas are cute.  Honda wanted to make this one mean:

Hot Wheels listened.  30 years later.

The comments will come.  “It’s just a Honda.  Who cares?”  I do.  So do a lot of people, based on the number of likes on that photo.

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  1. It’s so amazingly stock and accurate and clean. Wow. As it is now, I’m extremely mesmerized. But I’ll wait for a white recolor, though.

  2. I’m not a fan of the CR-X in general but I must say I’m amazed by the stockness and the accuracy of the casting. Change the wheels, add some headlight tampos and you might be able to pass it off as a Matchbox. Looking forward to this!

    1. It’s a CRX Samuel.. Anyway, I have the JL CRX and the HW CRX is roughly the same size. I hope this new one will also be around the same scale.

      1. The JL CRX is much bigger in scale than the HW EF9. They’re similar in wheelbase, but the CRX/EF8 is a shortened version of that platform, (2500mm vs 2301mm) so it should be noticeably shorter if they were in the same scale.

        Personally I hope the HW CRX is the same scale as the EF9 Civic so they can be displayed together and so I can retire the JL ones from my collection.

  3. No headlight tampo? *facepalm* That’s a disastrous mistake, especially considering how little tampo there is elsewhere and how PERFECT this casting is!

  4. On the whole, very nicely done! Hopefully they’ll have a candy blue recolor in the future because I saw a real life ’91 CRX in a beautiful metallic candy blue in my old Honda dealership showroom and it looks sweet! I’m very disappointed, however, with no headlight tampos! Not even the parking lights or Honda badge? C’mon! And it figures they go all out on the taillights on a red car so you can barely see it! Hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes and give it a full treatment.

    1. Yes, that blue is a gorgeous color! Celestial Blue Pearl, more of a deep blue green like the Brittany Blue Green Metallic available on the Accord SEs and Preludes of that era. Maybe not what you’d typically associate with a sports/sporty car, but lovely nonetheless.

  5. Just invest in silver and orange sharpies dude! This is a $1 mainline price point, not the car culture premium where you can fret and complain. While you’re at it, a drill so you can swap with real riders. Hella cheaper than buying cur culture on eBay…

  6. Here’s hoping that this is just the start of clean, cool 80s and 90s neo-classics coming… especially if they are done this well…

    Some other ideas:
    AW11 and a non-rally SW20 MR2
    Fiero GT 87-88 Fastback – (old HW Fiero was early 2M4 notchback.)
    Mark II and Mark III Supras.
    FC-3S RX-7 now that they have the FB and FD castings already out.

    Thankfully I already have Matchbox’s old 944 Turbo… but that would be another to make a comeback.

    1. Personally I prefer the Yatming 944, it’s 1:60 instead of 1:57 so it fits in well with a bunch of HW imports like the RX-7s, Skylines, 911s, etc. I find the MBX one looks overly massive by comparison.

  7. It’s about time! A Honda that is mostly stock without being modified within an inch of its life! I can’t wait! Such a beautiful thing. Now reissue it in all the stock colors; yellow, white, black, blue-green, silver.

    I hope this points to more stock/clean JDM of this era beyond just Nissans. I’d love to see an Accord AeroDeck for one.

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