The brand new Hot Wheels Car Culture RWB Porsche has been unveiled. And oh man…

Christian Coujin from RAUH-Welt Begriff dropped this little doozy on IG:

We have seen a lot of leaked images, but here is the completed product.  The RWB Porsche is coming, and will debut in the 2019 Car Culture line, the first of three scheduled premium releases.  I might question the number produced mentioned in the post, and depending on release schedules it might take more than an hour to sell out.  But yeah, this model is red hot.

Obviously the casting is new, and so are the Real Riders.  We’ve seen them previewed before, but not with the deep barrel on the back.  RWB or not, that opens up a TON of possibilities.

And if the RWB style isn’t your thing, you can still refrain from that bah-humbug comment you want to make.  If you don’t appreciate the car, just appreciate what Hot Wheels is doing.  The finger is firmly on the pulse, and we are all benefitting.

We will see what is next.

15 Replies to “The brand new Hot Wheels Car Culture RWB Porsche has been unveiled. And oh man…”

  1. Car culture has given Porsche and VW a lot of love! I’d love to see them the a mid 70’s stock super beetle. As much as I love the old beetle casting, it’s showing it’s age. An Euro Classics Car Culture release would be nice including a Porsche like this and a new premium version of the Beetle.

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I am thinking. The old beetle casting should be replaced by a mid 70`s stock super beetle…. that would be great!!!!!!

  2. Hopefully the next two releases will be the NFS and the Southern Cross versions. Looks like Hot Wheels has Tarmac Works in their sights.

  3. Can someone clue me in to what they mean by selling out in an hour? Is this not going to be a traditional release as part of the normal Car Culture batches?

  4. It’s not really my thing but looking at the pictures this sort of thing might become my thing lol. It looks really good.

  5. That new RWB Porsche coming out is awesome.👍 I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add it to my hotwheels collection.👍

  6. Which means USA only – so the rest of the world can just whistle – with the rubbish distribution and total lack of availability of so many sets, and singles, as well as TH and STH ti seems as though Mattel wont be happy until they stop selling them anywhere other than in its home territory

  7. I agree with John Mower, here in the UK we may never see this unless we pay silly money on evilBay ( see Gulf GT2 ), and then pay customs and Royal Mail admin fees on top. Great Porsche casting and hopefully a sign of more good things to come.

  8. Hmm…it looks like a charcoal briquette. Hopefully they will put a better finish on this casting.

  9. This might be the best looking HW casting ever, and they’ve had loads of great ones over the past decade.

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