Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels 2017 RLC Real Riders ’70 Mustang Boss 302

#lamleydaily – March 1st, 2018


Model: Hot Wheels ’70 Mustang Boss 302

Line: 2017 RLC Real Riders

Where to get it: Sold out on RLC, so check ebay

Why it’s in the collection: It’s in my collection because I think this casting is the best Mustang Hot Wheels has done, and I’m in full completist model when it comes to collecting it.  And how nice is it when Hot Wheels releases such a beautiful release?

Any 302 – Hot Wheels produced a ’69 and ‘new 70 – will join the collection.  But a model that looks this good makes that task easier.  Classic Mustang deco, but over a mind-blowing blue.  Add in 5-spoke Real Riders, and you have a no-brainer model.

It went on sale on the RLC last year, and after being made available as a Rewards Car, it sold out.  It didn’t get the buzz that some other RLC models get, but I get the feeling it will be more in demand over time.  It’s just too nice.


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