Case Report: Matchbox 2018 C Case

Matchbox is finally hitting its stride in 2018.  Matchbox teased the BMW i8 this week, and I was able to showcase some new stuff coming in future cases as well.  But most important is what is actually hitting the stores.

Well, the 2018 C Cases are hitting.  Wheel Collectors got their shipment today, and sent me a case report and got them listed:

Matchbox 2018 C Case at Wheel Collectors

As always, the key with Matchbox is to see what models were sent in multiples as part of the case.  The hope is that the new licensed models, and maybe a potential popular recolor get the multiple slots.  Why don’t we find out?



6 Replies to “Case Report: Matchbox 2018 C Case”

  1. Glad to see the Honda Civic Hatchback making an early appearance in only the third batch of the year! I almost bought that car in real life but I’ll sure to grab it in the much affordable price in 1:64 scale! And no surprise to anyone the most sought after will be the Civic and Land Rover 90. The others are pegwarmers.

  2. This is a pretty underwhelming case for me. The Civic, Plymouth and Landie are my must-haves personally…it’s nice that the Land Rover is getting some love lately, but that color is…eye-popping. Inappropriate for that vehicle, in my opinion, but I”ll pick up whatever they put out because i love the vehicle.

  3. Thank you for showing what UK won’t get. Matchbox is pretty much dead. I don’t understand how a lovely brand with great roots and real history, has ended up in certain same hands and usa based only. Mattel has treated this brand like s**t! Instead of hyping mattel. They have strangled matchbox. Then again i won’t have my name on the side of models. Or treat it as the big boys club the brand has turned out to be. Or spreading Americana what the rest of the world don’t associate with…..RIP matchbox : /

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