Here are a few new Matchbox models coming in Mix F, including the Mazda CX-5 and Cadillac Escalade

I need to compile what we have seen from Matchbox for 2018 so far.  The talk has obviously been the upcoming models with opening parts, but it definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed that they have rolled out some really good stuff already.

The year did get off to a slow start with the A Mix being just a bunch of stuff from 2017, but now we are hitting a stride, and there is some really cool stuff to come.  The Escalade looks great, but I am thrilled with the wonderfully accurate CX-5.  Crossovers don’t get me that excited, but really REALLY well done castings do.

Mix G Preview, and yes, tons of photos, coming a bit later.

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  1. The Mazda CX-5 is one of the models I had suggested Matchbox to make back when Larry was the ambassador. And I’m soooooo happy that they’ve actually done it! I’m in love with the casting. Looks sharp, nice colour, perfect wheels and the blue window looks good. Better than the GLE for sure. The Escalade looks brilliant too! Love the colour and the wheels are pretty accurate. The chrome front grill is a very nice touch, love that! In my opinion these two are the best new models of 2018 so far.

  2. In northeastern Illinois, that Mix A “Best of 2017” is clogging up pegs everywhere. There’s no room for any further mixes. Don’t know about elsewhere, but at most Target stores, the MB pegs are down to 2 for the “mainline” and 2 for the color changers. Walmarts are clogged with Mix A, Jeeps and Camo.

  3. ^^^Hey stop whining. The stores here are all clogged with 2017 E case matchbox. Would love that A case 2018.

    Escalade and Mazda look fantastic.

  4. Just like you said, I love it when Matchbox makes standard, clean, stock, licensed vehicles like the CX-5 and Escalade that you would normally see on the road everyday! They both look fantastic! I love Mazdas in real life too so this will no doubt be number one on my wish list! The blue tint windows are a little tacky but I don’t care! Love the detail, the proportions, the wheels, and the color! The Escalade looks great with those signature detailed LED long-strip taillights and that massive chrome grille! Can’t wait!

  5. The CX-5 looks tremendous. I bet it’ll look fantastic paired with the excellent Mazda 2. The Escalade isn’t really my thing, but the casting does look pretty good, if a little small.

    I do wonder (and I’m only being half-sarcastic here) if in another 20 years, Mattel will be cranking out Micro Machine-sized cars as they keep their death-grip on the $1 price point. I mean, how small can some of these castings get?

  6. I might decide to at least purchase the die cast Mazda CX-5 whether at a retail store (don’t mean to be pessimistic but may not be found in retail shops right here in Canada) or purchase it on eBay.

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