Hey look it’s Hot Wheels Mix E!

This was a surprise.

A friend hinted that Toys R Us might have new Hot Wheels, so I went looking.  I didn’t succeed at first, but visiting another store yielded a single fresh E case.  And purchase models I most surely did.


E cases will hit hobby stores next week, and so Case Reports and Unboxings will surely follow, but I am happy to get a head start on the previews.  Starting with that stunning Kenmeri, paired with the Super Mattel provided for preview.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I really hope that Maverick is bigger than the Maverick Grabber casting. I want it to look right sitting next to Fugu Z.

  2. Forget the Kenmeri. Show the 911 and Maverick first! The Advan 180SX and blue GT (a casting I’m not very fond of) look good as well.

  3. Is it weird that I’m by far most excited by the Maverick? It’s just the perfect car to go with the Chevelle and Cougar race cars of this similarly tastefully modified style

    1. Yes Ben, it is totally weird! The best car here is easily the ’71 Porsche! Or is it the Cadillac ATS-V? Or Mercedes-AMG GT3? Or is it the Kenmeri Skyline or Mazda REPU or either of the Ford GTs?

      Just kidding about that being weird. I’m not really into classic American or American muscle but I made an exception for this Maverick and even for the Cougar in this case with it’s beautifully tasteful racing graphics. I’m also tempted by the ’69 Dodge Charger every time I see it in that lovely green.

  4. The Maverick looks good but the wheels are not my type. Not a fan of tampo but the one on the Porsche looks quite good. I love the VW pickup but we need a more cleaner look as the tampos on this one to me is way over applied.

  5. New Hot Wheels in this day and age? Amazing! I say this because I’ve been searching if not daily, then at least every other day since before Christmas at multiple retailers across town and other than stumbling into a fresh dump bin of ‘B’ case in Walmart, back by electronics of all things, there has been nothing but old mid-2017 cases to being stocked.

    So I took the chance and made the long drive to an out of the way Toys R Us after work last night and lo and behold, fresh ‘E’ case cars! Not at first mind you. The car aisle had nothing but a wall of hundreds upon hundreds of fantasy cars, but then in the main aisle I found a walk-around display with all the good stuff. I ended up picking up about 15 different models in duplicate. A great find and a great case! Now, how about cases A,C and D?

    1. Correction: Checking nearly daily since Black Friday (when I found the B case dump bin) with very little success. Man how I’m jonesing for that Honda City Turbo II! Also for the P/Q case ’90 Civic EF & Porsche 356A Outlaw.

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