Majorette has released its 2018 Catalog. Here are some new model (and wheel!) highlights.

A few days ago Majorette started releasing images of its 2018 Catalog, and it gives us our first look at what is coming.  And there is a lot to like.

Of course there are still many details to learn, like when these will be released, and where.  Majorette is at Toys R Us in the US, and in all kinds of stores elsewhere, and how each country is approached is different.  I figure all those details will emerge over time.

For now, let’s have a look at what is coming.  I had a look at the Catalog, and thought these were the pages that would most interest Lamley readers, and got permission to share:

Click on the photos to have a gander at all the new stuff.  Between the R8 Spyder, Land Rover Defender, Civic Type R, and what looks to be a tremendous Aston Martin Vantage GT8, there is a lot to be excited about.  There are clearly new wheels as well, which is most welcome.  The cheap look of many of the Majorette wheels has been at the top of collector’s criticism, and it looks like it is being addressed.

In fact, @majoretteaustralia released this photo of the new R8 and wheels, and they look fantastic:

More news is sure to come, and I am looking forward to seeing the wheels and new models in person.  More good news for ’18.

13 Replies to “Majorette has released its 2018 Catalog. Here are some new model (and wheel!) highlights.”

  1. Not a large amount of new models but whatever there are, they are impressive! Quality over quantity. New models I can see are 911 GT3 RS, R8 Spyder, Vantage GT8 (outta nowhere! love this), Urus (again, outta nowhere), Civic Type R, S5, Defender, Raptor and Hilux. (thats easily I list I could see done by Matchbox). Oh, and @majoretteaustralia have hit 10k followers on insta, so congrats to them!

  2. Judging from their sales performance (i.e., clogging the pegs at TRU), I can only hope that Majorette broaden distribution, lower the prices and increase selection if they are going to survive in the US.

  3. Dig those wheels on the R8 Spyder.. nice change.
    I also like the addition of the AMG G63 in yellow and the Land Rover in silver at the top right. Lookin good, lookin good!

  4. I want the Defender and the G63 so hard. Price remains a problem though, unless they are going to up their quality. Deco scratching off when touched by a fingernail is unacceptable. Nevertheless, I’m excited for a few of these and I hope Majorette’s return to the US proves successful enough that they continue what they’re doing.

  5. I have to admit that “back in the day” Majorette was more appealing. I wish current Majorettes would feature a better or broader selection of American vehicles ( for instance there should be a more recent model of Cadillac & Lincoln automobiles which MIGHT (just might) guarantee survival or success with U.S. even Canadian retailers). Speaking of Canada at least the local Toys ‘R’ Us store doesn’t specialize in Majorette vehicles but the Wal Mart Canada chain specializes in Majorette vehicles ( at least the 2 Wal Marts in my hometown do specialize with Majorette products).

  6. Aw, no new rally cars (the white Polo is the same as the Red Bull-liveried car). Swear I thought they had the 2017 cars. Still, more opportunities to get the Polo WRC, which is good. FK8 Civic-R is my pick of the litter.

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