Lamley Daily: 2018 Hot Wheels Mazda REPU

#lamleydaily – January 8, 2018


Model: Hot Wheels Mazda REPU

Line: 2018 Mainline

Where to get it: In stores now with the D Assortment

Why it’s in the collection: This is a proper debut, even though it isn’t it’s debut.  I didn’t mind the Mad Mike release from last year at all, in fact I quite liked it.  “Appreciated it” is the better term, considering it was the Mad Mike connection that brought the REPU to the Hot Wheels world.  It certainly deserves to be a Hot Wheels.

But now that I see the 2018 release…wow.  This is the REPU looking most proper.  I nice color, a cool deco, and “ROTARY POWER” still on the tail.  It outshines its debut in every way.

And by the way, it makes the D Case two for two in cool trucks.


8 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2018 Hot Wheels Mazda REPU”

  1. Now this one should be the proper debut. I love the fact that Hot Wheels keeps it clean this time while keeping the nice details on the rear. Great choice of steelies wheels though. It actually reminds me of the red variation of Datsun 620, which appears in 2014 mainline. They will be a good pair.

  2. IF we ever get them. My local Walmart is still putting HW on the pegs that say “NEW FOR 2017”. ARGGGGHHHHHHH. Even after Christmas, they are still stuck on the OLD cases. Unless the *****s are buying the cases before they get out to the pegs? Not much I want out of the first cases, but a couple. Would be nice to see some new zamac.

    1. If by ” *****s” you mean scalpers, then yeah, you’re correct. Many of these guys have made backroom deals with the stockers to hold cases for them before they hit the pegs; they will ramble through the cases, pick out what they are looking for, and the stockers put the rest on the pegs. This is illigal,of course, and Walmart’s policy it to terminate said employees and banish them from all their stores forever (when I once worked there some 20 years ago, Walmart transmitted the names and pictured of blacklisted former employees storewide, so if you showed up at Kalamazoo or Dallas, you were asked to leave the store immediately or be escorted off the property by law enforcememnt), you can still find a few who are willing to skirt the issue for the few bucks the scalper are willing to pay them.

  3. A nice truck, but a color a little more differentiated from the Datsun 620 of the same shade would be nice. I can’t complain though, another sweet pickup is never a bad thing for the lineup.

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