Here is a look at a few more Matchbox models for 2018

Matchbox has had a bit of a slow start to 2018, but I have been assured that all the good stuff is coming.  And good stuff it is.

Once again Abe and the Matchbox Team sent over some examples of upcoming models, this time from the C, D, E, and F cases.  Things could certainly change in the assortments, but these are SOME of the models slated for each release.

I posted these previews in two parts, and don’t worry, after a busy week of meetings, I have returned home and taken pics.  Many of these will drop as Lamley Daily photo features throughout the week.



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  1. Loving MBX! Keep’em coming,I hope to get all of them but sometimes you just can’t find them. Like that 47 1/2. Is it safe to say the Golden Age has returned? Seems the brand is finally getting the respect it deserves. That Plymouth Police is a gem! Not crazy about the brown but it will be recolored at some point. Looking forward to hunting these……

  2. I don’t have sound, so I just had to look at the videos without hearing them.

    That 510 livery is KILLER! Obviously it stands out from the rest, big time. I wish wish wish they would have thrown in the top tampo/paint from the previous orange release with the tire/gas can/luggage highlighted, but for a $1 model I know I need to keep it real. This would be a perfect opportunity to do a premium version with the full tampos top and sides.

    I’m wondering if that Chevy stepside is going to be a sleeper. It’s a great casting, and the deco is just oddball enough to make it memorable.

    I wonder how well the city type vehicles sell for Matchbox. I am glad that someone is doing them, but I’m also trying to figure out the demographic that they are marketing to with them. I think there are still massive distribution problems. It is all over the place at the stores I frequent (USA) – a very rare instance where you’ll find a decent amount of pegs full of new, fresh models. Most of what I see are the stale pegwarmers, which are mostly the fantasy and (sadly) some great city vehicles. Sometimes there are only 2 pegs for MB, with a few old models hanging on, and I’ve even gone into big name stores and seen zero pegs for MB! This is a great brand with great offerings, and it is sad and a little frustrating to see some of these great models and know that you are going to have a hard time finding them or never see them. The ‘best of’ Matchbox? Awesome, but I never see models like the Miura or VW Bus. Its always leftovers like the BMW R1200 or the Austin Mini Van. The Porsche 914? What a cool model! I’ve never even seen one in the stores! A big reason why 3rd party vendors exist is because so many of us never come across the interesting (to us) stuff. I’m sure no business wants any of their product hanging around unsold. Surely MB knows which models hang around for too long? Could they do quarterly assessments and then simply adjust their manufacturing and distribution to cut back on the most common wallhangers and bump up production of those ‘never-seen-in-store’ models? It would sure be great to see a Miura or 914 in the store. I would also really enjoy seeing Lamley highlight these models a bit more as well. It may increase visibility or demand which may in turn increase supply.

    That said, I’m going to keep my eyes out for the ’33 Plymouth and the 510.

  3. Great stuff. I just found the World Travelers series at Walmart last week. Found the Miura at 7-eleven, paid $6 for it but worth it. Showed up the next week at TRU.

    1. Walmart is getting the Globe Travellers? I didn’t know that. That’s nice since TRU is usually the only place that carries premium Matchbox and it is kinda far away for me

  4. I’m loving everything I’ve seen so far. Especially the Wagoneer. I can’t wait to compare it to the Johnny Lightning and Hot Wheels versions.

    And I’m really excited abot the Badlander. It’s one of the better generic pickups ever made, and I have nearly every version released since it’s introduction back in 2007. I’m definitely looking out for this one.

  5. I can say hands down matchbox really did a great job on the new cars im looking forward to adding them to my collection especially the jeep the honda and that 510. Keep up the awsome cars matchbox

  6. Oh that blue MX-5 is going to break my heart. Exclusive in 9/10-pack only? Almost nobody in Australia stocks those. Looks like it will be an expensive ebay purchase.

  7. Plenty of good stuff coming…if I can find them.

    I’m hoping the Wagoneer doesn’t suffer too much from the “sweater-in-the-dryer” shrinkage that happens when Mattel tackles larger vehicles. The Chevy Brookwood, as excellent as the casting is, suffers particularly egregiously on that front. I really don’t want a model as good-looking as that Wagoneer looking stupid sitting next to other Matchboxes because of the size differential.

    1. This is the very reason I don’t get very many MB vehicles. Most of them are otherwise excellent castings but are ridiculously small. The early ’70s Cadillac, Chevy Brookwood, and the ’61 Dodge convertible from a few years back are prime examples.

  8. As a Jeep Wagoneer fan, and a nitpicker in general, I can’t help but notice the front wheels on this Wagoneer sitting a little too far back in the wheel wells. It gives the car a bit too long of a snout. Maybe it’s just a flaw with this particular sample, but so far it’s the only flaw with an otherwise beautiful casting – and one that I’ve been awaiting patiently for a long time.

    Another thing worth mentioning is the lack of the vacuum chrome plastic bases we’ve been seeing recently. I know it costs more to apply that feature, but some vehicles really suffer without it if you ask me. The Beetle shown here is one example, but some really glaring ones are the ’75 and ’14 Silverados from the Chevy Trucks line. That dull grey plastic is terrible! I would be willing to pay a little bit more for Matchbox models if it meant they could keep things like VUM bases. Thank God the Wagoneer got it though.

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