Lamley Daily: 2013 Hot Wheels RLC M&M’s VW Kool Kombi

#lamleydaily – January 2, 2018


Model: Hot Wheels VW Kool Kombi

Line: Redline Club Exclusive

Where to get it: Only 4000 made, and they pop up occasionally on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: This one is easy.  I think I have made it known over my time doing the blog that any time Hot Wheels releases a Kool Kombi, it is going into my collection.  And knowing how popular the Kool Kombi is, that is not always easy.

So far we have seen the Kool Kombi as a Toy Fair model, a Super Treasure Hunt, a Convention exclusive, and here as a low-production RLC model.  (Reg TH coming too.)  I am an RLC member, and it was my intention to buy this one when it went on sale in 2013.  That was until a meeting kept me away from my computer and I missed what turned out to be a very quick sale.  But thanks to a generous friend – who I think had 8 accounts at the time – I was able to acquire one.

I am glad I did, because if you followed that ebay link above, you saw the prices these are going for.  I didn’t expect that, but it is also not surprising.  This is one of the cooler – or kooler – Kool Kombis to be released so far.  Kind of an upgraded Pop Culture model, looking swell in gold with M&M’s deco.  And kool mismatched deco to boot.


4 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2013 Hot Wheels RLC M&M’s VW Kool Kombi”

  1. *sigh* Ok, I’ll go ahead and say it. I don’t understand the feeding frenzy around the Kool Kombi. Never have, never will. It’s a cartoony, midgetized version of a cool vehicle. It would’ve STAYED cool if they hadn’t murdered it with all the silly modifications.

    :: boards up windows and barricades door in anticipation of pitchfork-wielding Kool Kombi fanboy attack ::

  2. I never liked the real-life truncated VW Kombis. Why take a nice, utilitarian design and make it both less nice and less useful? I hated it just the same when classic Cadillac sedans fell victim to this silliness.

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