It isn’t dump bin diving, but opening Hot Wheels factory sealed sets is fun too.

So what is it about the hunt?

I know the answer, because I am a Hot Wheels collector, and I think I experience the same amount of joy that the rest of you do when I come across a Super.  I definitely didn’t get into collecting because of Treasure Hunts, but I have learned to enjoy looking for them, even if the time I have now to look for them is next to nil.  I still get lucky here and there, and it is always a treat.

For me it is the joy of the random find.  That is why I typically hit stores when I can, and only during the day.  That means when I find a Super it is a unique moment.  I don’t use brickseek, I don’t hunt overnight, and I don’t check in with employees.  I just park, walk in, and look.

But I have to say, after opening a case of Hot Wheels Factory Sealed models, I still found it enjoyable.  It certainly wasn’t random, as the models were listed right on the outside of the box.  But it was still fun to look through all the models in the box together, and wait for that occasional treat.

The case I opened was the fourth of four factory sealed cases, meaning the last quarter of Hot Wheels models released in 2017.  Mattel makes these available to some sellers, and Wheel Collectors was one of them.  They thought it would be fun for me to open one on the Lamley YouTube Channel. so they sent one over.  They have gotten all four releases, and the models are listed at the Wheel Collectors store:

2017 Hot Wheels Factory Sealed Models at Wheel Collectors

The Factory Sealed sets include Treasure Hunts and Super Treasure Hunts, as well as Zamacs.  Because I think these particular sets are also made for Walmart, they don’t include the Target and Kmart exclusives.  Still, they were fun to open, which I did, over two videos:

That was a lot of cardboard.  A lot of cool models too.  Maybe not random, but a Super is a Super, and pulling one is…well…super.

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    1. Its a website which allows you to check which store has Hot Wheels inventory (and how much). I don’t know more than that because I don’t use it, as I’m not in the US.

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