Lamley Awards Poll: What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2017?

Here is one of these rare chances to get your complain on here at Lamley.  We’ve already voted on Best Hot Wheels Licensed New Model, now let’s switch gears.

I am more of a “collect it if you like it” type of collector.  If I like it, I keep it.  If I don’t, I am not going to spend a lot of energy complaining about it.  That said, I have had my share of “awww, man!!!” moments.  There are always times that the final product doesn’t match the excitement and anticipation leading up to it.  There are just some models that bum us out.

So, with that said, here is your chance to identify the Hot Wheels Licensed New Model that left you underwhelmed.  It is different than “worst new model”.  I don’t think that means anything.  But the model that disappointed you does.  There can be a plethora of reasons that a model disappoints, but ultimately vote for the one that bummed you out the most.  And if you can, leave a comment below as to why.

Here is the poll, along with the pics of all the Licensed New Models from 2017.  Have at it.




40 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2017?”

  1. 1st reply didn’t work. In short, they all seem pretty solid. The Tesla X held no expectations for me and I don’t go after models like that, so nothing really lost there on a model that is tempting to vote on.

    The 240z I feel could have been better, but I can’t even complain because they got rid of the large rear wheels.

    Not voting this time around as nothing is really provoking me to. A pretty solid bunch!

    1. It’s easier to remove a roof than to install a roof, so I’m deeply grateful it’s got a hardtop installed.

      Now to fix the ’95 Camaro convertible… (which is to say, make it a coupe like it should be).

  2. The 934.5 was the most disappointing for me since I was expecting to get it. Then when I found it and realized it lacks on details (at least it does for me), I gave up on it. It could also be the Z06 or the Huayra Roadster but it was sad to see it happens to a Porsche.

  3. I was so excited for the merc. But having it in hand, I was very disappointed with the bad tampo alignment and the overall execution of the cast. To me, the 2nd most disappointing is the vw pickup. Again, because of the deco, I passed on this. I love me some vw’s, but the deco was just too loud for my tastes.

  4. Nothing disappointing by my standards. If I don’t like the car, I skip it (so that rules out the convertibles and the Tesla). It was disappointing to not find the T2s, but they’re low on my priorities. The RX-7 was 1:60, so that ensures it wasn’t a disappointment.

    I guess the ZL1, since it’s got the goofy over-sized rear wheels that ruin most cars. It’d be nice if HW could create some 11mm wheels, basically the 10mm wheels with a bit more width and a bit taller tire sidewall, this would allow for stagger without the rears looking ridiculous. Until that’s done bigs and smalls will continue to be a source of disappointment.

  5. Overall I think they all look good as far as depicting the actual vehicle. That being said I was really disappointed with the deco choices on the VW pickup. Especially for a new model. I will hold off adding one to the collection until one a little more “plain” is released.

    1. I loved the VW deco.

      It is in the “Art Car” series, and the graphics were classic German Bauhaus inspired, and could not have been more perfectly done.

      However, I can certainly understand why you would prefer a plainer version.

      I’m looking forward to the rusty one coming soon as well!


  6. I’m really torn on this one.. I don’t dislike the pics here, but there might be some I might not seem to give a hoot about, which
    thins the herd.

    I can start with two I like which leave room for improvement. The Custom Datsun 240Z was cool and all, but if you’re going to portray Mr. Kang’s ride.. at least give it some detail. The rear section looks good but the front end is a bit bland. I’ll even gripe about the Cars & Donuts version.. because with a premium line, I expect at least some headlight tampos!
    The Ford GT Race mainline isn’t obviously comparable to the Forza Entertainment release so for a $1 price point, you’re going to get something that looks attractive to an 8 yr old. The white painted one has that funky bright blue plastic which mirrors the 2005 Mustang Super TH!

    Other than that.. I kinda like pretty much the whole line up.

  7. I voted ZL1, although to be clear, I don’t really dislike any of these. I just don’t like the way it looks, especially with the big rear wheels.

    1. Yeah, I chose the Civic as well. The tampo alignment and quality is disappointing certainly, but there’s also just something about that casting that doesn’t seem right to me. It’s possible the paint is too thick, giving it that blobby look. I’ll be curious to see it in a recolor to see if that remedies it at all. It definitely took me some hunting to find one with acceptable tampos though.

  8. As expected, the Model X takes the cake for Worst. That should’ve been an MBX car to begin with.

    Eliminating that, I guess it’s just the S550 droptop. Easy pickings.

  9. I voted for the model I thought had received the least effort on tampos. As a licensed-only collector, I grumble a lot about lack of headlights and/or taillights. Tampos would be fine, if they would only make the effort.

    1. Sometimes I get the feeling that HW do not care about the details once they get a blob which resembles a real car in some fashion.

  10. The REPU! The casting is perfect, absolutely nailed it. But the deco is so lame. Yeah it’s a real car, but it doesn’t look that good, and the lack of ROTARY POWER tampos on the tailgate is inexcusable! Fortunately, the 2018 release looks amazing.

  11. I didn’t dislike any of them but voted for the Tesla. Not because it was made incorrectly but because to me it is not an exiting model, not a “Hot Wheels” if you know what I’m trying to say. Plus the effort put in a new casting could’ve been put into designing a more exiting casting. Jerzn many of the new fantasy cars could’ve been more exiting cars. Not sure if the HW Team market research secrion believes that todays kids prefer those fantasy cars but my boys are 5 and a 3 years old and very seldom they like those fantasy models. They prefer all the licensed ones, especially when everytime we drive around they can tell me “look dad that car just like the one we got”… To them thats an awesome experience, to me something additional we can share.

  12. The Mazda pickup got my vote, simply because the batch it was in, never was released in my country. Seeing something you like, should be able to simply pick up at a local toy store and then missing out… Yeah that bums.
    Overall, I have bought more new models in 2017 than in 16, good stuff!

    1. Ok, that sucks but that wasn’t what the poll was for…it’s for most disappointing licensed new model, not most disappointing shopping experience. Just saying.

  13. I voted for the T2 pickup because of that awful and ridiculous stance. When it’s too much, car tuning sucks.

    But I can’t say I am disppointed, because I was not waiting for anything. Moreover, Matchbox gave us a wonderful VW transporter Crew Cab, which is one of my personal favorite this year.

  14. Really hard to pick, as I thought the 2017 selection was very strong…wanted to like the tesla more than I actually did (seems to have some sort of bodykit on?). Was really excited about the Civic Type R, and the casting seems spot on, but misaligned tampos can really spoil the look of it…

  15. Mercedes as it is just too small of a casting. This is a large car but this size puts it in the c class range.

  16. The Fairlady could have been more in scale to other models. The Amg was saved cause of the GT3 racer coming out. I picked the GTR cause I wish they wouldve put a big wing on the back like the Blancpain/GT3 car and maybe the boys are prepping that.

  17. Looking at the outcome, I’m not sure that people are getting the parameters of the poll. While the Tesla model might be the worst model of the bunch, I don’t see how it could be the most disappointing. I mean, who had different expectations of it?

    For me, the most disappointing of the bunch is the Ford GT Race. I love the non-race version, but the Race version, with those huge plastic elements, turns a cool licensed model into something more akin to a Tooned version.

    1. Take a look at the real thing and I think you’ll see it’s pretty accurate. Race cars nowadays have very aggressive ground effects, wings, diffusers, etc. Not even close to “tooned”.

  18. Tesla ModelX. It just looks very odd and out of proportion. The wheels are too big, the upsloped chin is very noticeable and the roof is too low (looks like a chop top. I hate it). I know HW wanted to add their own touch with the spoiler and all, and I don’t mind it, but they failed big time with the overall execution. I really wanted to like this model, but I don’t like it. Hot Wheels should really leave these kind of models to Matchbox.

    P.S. – other models I didn’t like much: Mustang convertible because of upsloped chin, and Camaro ZL1 due to large rear wheels.

  19. I really like all of the models and think they are all essential additions for collectors to collect unless you don’t like a particular model. I thought this was a tough choice so I just went with the one I could do without having to make a choice to vote so the VW Kafer Racer gets my vote here.

  20. The gawdawful color of the Gas Monkey ‘Vette left me cold, made the model ugly & cheap-looking. Thankfully the blue iteration with flames was much better. Otherwise I had no interest in the Tesla or the Honda civic, although little to quibble there with the execution. The Mustang ‘vert’s casting was well-enough done, but otherwise boring.

  21. Tesla for the “win”. Just a boring choice of a casting to begin with. And probably because I simply hate crossovers.

  22. I have to be honest I just picked one. I liked all of them not a bad one in the bunch. I wanted to see the results so I made a pick with my eyes closed. Surprised that the Tesla was the most picked but I guess you had to have something. The Tesla was pretty spot on IMO.

    1. I liked the Tesla too although the wheels are a little silly. I picked the R35 not because it was a bad model ( it seemed well done to me) it just doesn’t seem different enough from the previous GTR to justify a completely new model

  23. 1. Tesla roadster(cartoonish look plus points for full detail)
    2. Mazda repu (wish it was a more stock version plus i wasnt able find it)
    3. Nissan gtr ( i haveseen some horrible front tampos

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