Lamley Daily: 2013 Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt

#lamleydaily – December 20, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT

Line: 2013 Super Treasure Hunt

Where to get it: eBay is your best bet.

Why it’s in the collection: Because it is one of the best Super Treasure Hunts Hot Wheels has ever done.  Actually, that reason is third down the list.  The first reason is because it is a classic Toyota.  The second is I will always collect a classic JDM model, especially one that looks this good.

But back to that third reason.  It is a beautiful Super.  Hot Wheels knows spectraflame red is one of their best colors for a Super, and it is evident here.  Mix in the GT Real Riders, and this model is next level.  It also has a diecast chassis, compared to the basic model that sports a plastic chassis.  This is unique for a Super, and there is a reason.

The Toyota 2000GT was original designed by Hot Wheels for the Hot Wheels Racing premium line.  The final assortment was going to be all Japanese race cars, with the Toyota 2000GT anchoring the line.  Sadly, that line was cancelled before the assortment went into production, but the Toyota casting was already complete.  So off to the mainline it went, to debut as a Super.

Here is where things get confusing.  In 2016, Hot Wheels debuted the new ’17 Ford GT, and it was also a Super Treasure Hunt.  I mentioned this was the first Hot Wheels model to be a Super TH as a New Model.  Some of you took me to task on that, mentioning the Toyota 2000GT Super.  It is true that the Toyota did debut as a Super, but technically it was not a New Model.  Because it was slated for another line, even a cancelled line, it was not considered a Mainline New Model.

It also meant there were diecast chassis made for the Racing debut, so those were just repurposed to the chassis for the Supers.  Make sense?

Whether it does or not, it really doesn’t matter.  The fact is this is a beautiful Super, and one of my favorites.

5 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2013 Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Super Treasure Hunt”

  1. I didn’t find it in the wild, but stoked I jumped on an inexpensive loose one on E-bay when they came out- love this car

  2. I had no idea this has a metal base…that’s pretty cool, and the reason is interesting indeed. There aren’t nearly as many of these on ebay as I would have thought.

  3. I was fortunate to score this one on ebay for less than 12 bucks with shipping 3 years ago! I guess the person who had it just didn’t care for it much. I was hunting this for months after it came out. I feel like I got a steal then and still do! Awesome super treasure hunt and casting!

  4. Never found it as a super. But it is my fav JDM by Mattel. It is also the spirtual ancestor to the modern AE85 or Scion/Subaru BRZ. This car was the one that gave Celica its reason for being and the Supra the foundation for sport. The 2000GT is everything JDM stands for.

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