Lamley Daily: 2007 Matchbox Volvo C30 10-pack Exclusive

#lamleydaily – December 19, 2017


Model: Matchbox Volvo C30

Line: 2007 New Models 10-pack Exclusive

Where to get it: Search “Volvo C30” on eBay and hope.

Why it’s in the collection:  This is one cool little Volvo.  Then again, most little Volvos are cool.  Matchbox has produced a nice group of Volvos, from classic to large to small.  The C30 was one of the most out-there choices to be sure.

Volvo’s hatch is unique in looks, but not enough to garner a ton of attention, yet Matchbox still created the casting in 2007.  And a small group of collectors have loved it since.  It hasn’t been seen in years, but it had a nice run of colors.  None beats this one in white.

Matchbox debuted the C30 in silver in 2007.  At the time they also finished the year with an all exclusive 10-pack full of new models released that year.  This particular pack was loaded, with a Porsche 911 GT3, Lexus GS430, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint, and Austin Mini Van.  Many of the models in that pack stick out, and the Volvo is no exception.  The white with gold trim was a great choice, mimicking the color combo Volvo used to showcase the C30.

The C30 showed up in a lot of places afterwards, from 5-packs to Superfast, but no release ever topped this one.  Mix its good looks with the fact that it is hard to find, and you have a must-have Matchbox.

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  1. Not my cup of tea, but a VERY nice model, done with excellence. Reminds me to ask again why hot wheels can’t put tampos on all of their $3.00+ cars (especially some that go for $6.00 retail!) ? MB for the win!

  2. This is a seriously sharp deco on one killer of a casting. I have one single example of the C30, but I wish I had more, especially this one. It’d be nice if MB would put out another release of this as it’s been quite a while. I’m a fan of pretty much any Volvo MB chooses to do, and I’d say that an even more out-there choice they did was the P1800. I’ve loved that casting since it came out. Now, if MB decided to do the wagon version of the P1800 I think my head would explode from the awesomeness.

  3. I am apart of that small group of collectors who cherish this casting- I love it. I have every release, including every variation. I even have the Minnie mouse version from the Disney multipack- very hard to get. This is definitely one of the best colors, but I think the Superfast version with the 10 spokes is a close second. I really hope this comes back at least one more time. Maybe the Globe Traveller line, under “Sweden”?

  4. Thanks a lot Lamley! For getting my hopes up! 😉

    LOL! My fault for getting so excited about the photos of this gorgeous Volvo C30 that I completely missed that this came in a past (2007) 10-pack and not a current release. I’ve been checking Matchbox 10-packs for the past week in hopes of finding one. Oh well. Beautiful model that I wasn’t aware of before. Thanks for showcasing!

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