The Hot Wheels Team previews the upcoming Japan Historics 2

Prepare.  The Japan Historics 2 buzz is here, and it will be our world for the next couple of months.  And call it hype, call it whatever.  I’ll call it amazing.  Buzz is thought the roof, and JH2 deserves every bit of it.  It is mind-blowing.  I promise.

With that, it seems right to get this train rolling with a couple of folks behind this set.  At the Hot Wheels Convention this fall, I got together with Jimmy Liu from Marketing and Julian Koiles from Packaging Art to preview the new set.

I’ve got photos and more coming.  Enjoy the hype.

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    1. They’ve just started to show up where I am, but I’ve only seen the McLaren and the M1 so far. I’m hoping it’ll be like other recent Car Culture assortments that I’ve been able to get piece by piece over time.

  1. As a new collector, I find the complete tampos refreshing, but at the increased prices, with nothing really screaming to me “buy me!!!”, I think I’ll pass on this set.

    More for you guys though. I like the direction and I hope that we will see more brand new castings and more diversity in the premium wheels in various sets.

  2. Fantastic artwork on the packaging, I pre-ordered a case- hoping they come in sooner than the Tokyo Torque Greenlights that I ordered in June and still have not received.

    1. This. The ’70 Celica GT is one of my all-time favorite JDM castings. The small 4-spoke wheels that are currently on the Historics 2 cars would be perfect.

    2. To be fair, the RX_3 only exists as a premium casting at the moment. The Celica only exists as a mainline. As much as I’d like to see a premium Celica (and the RX-3 in the mainline), for now they’re working with what they have.

  3. They look great in the package, but you’ve got to open these up to really appreciate them. I can see the upcoming Hakosuka wagon in the same vein as these.

  4. Exciting stuff, but I think I’ve decided not to order them. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to snag them in the wild…

  5. I also love the complete tampos, but I’m happy to pay for it. Painted grills, headlights, and taillights really does it for me. Now could HW please do it with some European cars?

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