Lamley Unboxing: 2018 Hot Wheels US C Case (and why it has a red label)

Can you guess why Hot Wheels put a red label on the US C Case stating that it should not be opened and pegged before November 1st?  It becomes obvious once you realize what is in the US Case that isn’t in the International Case.

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  1. I was lucky enough to find the R33 in a dump bin just the other night. Probably looked through 200+ models to find it and it was the only one! I’m sure it will start hanging around more next year and I’m excited to see what other colors and decos it will come in, but for now its been a rare bird for me and I’ve started to see plenty of 2018 cases out there. Much like the Boss 302, gotta snag it when you see it (I only ever saw 1 of those, ever, and had to grab it) !

  2. Regular for C-Case was Tanknator, so as the pirates like to say ‘Thar be no treasure in that thar booty!’ Or something like that. Also I find it funny that the case has a street date due to the obligatory new Camaro casting that Hot Wheels puts out almost every year.

  3. It’s an ok case. Nothing to get too worked up over, and I’ve already snagged everything I want from it (except for the $uper, of course).

    A heads-up for anyone still looking for this assortment: I’m sure every store is different, but my local Target has this assortment in big free-standing shippers (along with multi-packs and other HW product), but they’re located on the opposite end of the store from the toys, so it may pay to take a stroll and see if that’s the case where you are.

  4. Thanks for video.

    Interestingly the 2018 Camaro has not shown up in the Worldwide cases D, E or F from other unboxing videos I’ve seen.

  5. It is nice to see that others donate their cars. There is a local Pediatric Ophthalmologist that we have been taking our twins too since they were born 8 years ago and every time I go I take her all of the Hot Wheels that I purchase for the K-day hot wheels exclusive. She enjoys them and she states the kids love them. She puts them all in a big basket and let’s them choose the one they want. You have to give back in this world and it is one small way I do. 🙂

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