Lamley Daily (Preview Edition): 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Cars & Donuts BMW M1 Procar

#lamleydaily – November 20, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels BMW M1 Procar

Line: 2017 Car Culture Cars & Donuts

Where to get it: Coming soon

Why it (will be) in the collection: Cars & Donuts is the first Car Culture line to debut two new castings.  We have seen a completely new casting released with a newly modified casting before, but this is the first pair.

This BMW M1 joins the Subaru Impreza WRX as the two new models.


Both are most welcome.  I am partial to the Subie, but this one also fills a large gap in the Hot Wheels line.  The M1 is iconic, and this new Procar joins the previous M1 that Hot Wheels refreshed and reintroduced a few years ago.


These pics were taken at the Convention in October, so I didn’t have the M1 casting to compare it to. That will come later.  This might be a tad smaller, but the obvious differences are the large racing spoiler and overall racing look.  And this one really makes a splash with signature BMW colors and gold rims.

And outside of fitting in so well in the Cars & Donuts (imagine being the person driving THIS car into the parking lot?), this is a great addition to the Hot Wheels BMW family.  Like the E9 CSL, this is a BMW racing icon.  And with these wheels and deco, it already makes a great pair with the Forza release of the CSL.

If this is your cup of tea, you can also prepare for a second release in 2018 Car Culture, as part of the Project Cars assortment.  The wheels on that one aren’t correct (look for the lace Real Riders that debuted last year), and the deco not complete, but the gist is there.


4 Replies to “Lamley Daily (Preview Edition): 2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Cars & Donuts BMW M1 Procar”

  1. Beautiful casting, beautiful deco! But just like I said with the white Porsches last week, the lack of front and rear lights, especially the rears, is really hurting this model. And on the white paint, its even more noticeable (probably why this falls in second place behind the WRX).

    Now imagine if they did this in a plain colour but with full details. That’ll make this model shine.

  2. Is the striking similarity of the BMW M1 with the DeTomaso Pantera unintentional? Regardless, the M1 is a great looking car. I saw one on the road in Germany in the early 80’s.

  3. Lack of front & rear detailing on this is a big issue for me. It’s a great casting screaming out for more detail. Even though this release has the more authentic BMW deco, I’m looking forward more to the Project Cars version.

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