Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Entertainment Fast & Furious Dodge Challenger

#lamleydaily – October 19, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger SRT

Line: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Fast & Furious

Where to get it: There are a couple on eBay.

Why it is in the collection: Complete revisit.  In my storage unit I have a few boxes full of loose cars.  A couple of them are all premium models.  This one was deep down lost in one.  Until I pulled it out, and wondered why it wasn’t in my permanent collection.

I probably skipped it at first because I am not as fond of the casting as I could be.  It should not have the large rear wheels.  But that aside, I like this release, the only premium Challenger that I know of.  I should have kept it from the time it was released.

7 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Entertainment Fast & Furious Dodge Challenger”

  1. 2007 Real Riders 2-pack had a metallic Silver ’70 Challenger and the Challenger Concept. 2011 Garage series had a blue ’08 Challenger SRT8. Both cars are pretty easy to obtain.

  2. This black one is really nice! Details are spot on except the oversized back wheels but I think the smaller wheels would be to small imo so I can live with them. Very clean casting……

  3. See? The 12 rear wheels even make modern muscles uglier… Those who says “staggered stance” look better, even in Hot Wheels, should know why they’re not selling well off the pegs…

  4. I never encountered this one, so I don’t have it. I’m also not a fan of this casting, but if there’s one to have, it’s this one. Nice, simple and sinister in all black. I don’t mind the large rear wheels so much on this.

  5. This casting was used in the 2011 Garage series, for the MOPAR segment. But this one blows that one out of the water. Clashing colors on the Garage one hurt it, IMO.

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