Majorette US Series 2 is out at TRU, and a few must-haves are included.

Over the last few weeks, Majorette US Series 2 has hit Toys R Us stores.  The batch is totally different than the first assortment, including the Limited Editions.

I have no idea what models are the 1-per-case limiteds, but maybe you have figured that out.  Limited or not, there are quite a few that are worth grabbing, starting with the Bentley and AMG GT, which I featured earlier in the year.



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  1. I’m sure the bodies are cool, but somehow.. those ugly wheels really detract from whole deal. Majorette needs to invest in a larger variety of wheels. If they design a wheel that matches the real vehicles
    wheels.. you’d have a real winner.
    The Subaru is pretty cool w/the graphics and all… I like the Limited Edition models also.
    Fix the wheels..especially at the price point, until then I’m not interested.

  2. The Bentley’s alright, as is the Renault recolor, but color me unimpressed. I want Majorette to do what it used to do: open my collection to a world of cars I otherwise wouldn’t otherwise see on the road, on pegs, etc. I get the need to have ‘Murican castings like the Mustang, the F-150, etc. in the US lineup, but…I mean, if I wanted those, I would have had those eons ago.

    Guess I’ll have to keep popping over to Canadian Wal-Marts to pick up good stuff like the G-Class, the random Citroen and Peugeot, and so on…

    1. My local TRU recently held a sale on Majorettes, “4 for $10.00”. That cleared the pegs quite a bit, so now they’re restocking.

      The problem lies in the pricing. Majorettes should be prices at the mainline HW/MBX range if they really what to make an impact, and they also should be sold by other retailers as well. Look what happened to Tomica.

  3. Majorette’s biggest problems are crappy wheels and cheap-feeling bases. The models just feel flimsy in the hand.

  4. If the problem is the pricing and you would like the price lowered to match that of Matchbox and Hot Wheels then be prepared for changes. They would introduce generics, a four part rule meaning no operating features or suspension, an introduction of plastic bodies and a drop in scale size. This is the very thing that has blighted Matchbox and Hot Wheels over recent years due to the price staying the same for 30 years. Compare the standard of the 1980’s Matchbox and Hot Wheels common mainline castings to that of todays and you will find they have actually worsened in quality because of huge finacial restraints trying to keep the price at a dollar. Pay extra for quality or pay less for a product that will continue to decline in quality even more in the next few years. A dollar price is WAY WAY out of date.

  5. The new generation Majorette is definitely far better in quality than Mattel’s products. $2.50 to $3 is a reasonable price range for the quality. But what I don’t like is the scale. They are pretty huge when placed next to HW/MBX.

  6. The only problem I see is people finding reasons to not buy majorette, instead of finding issues with wheels and scale , which are issues with all the die cast brands out there. they should be happy a new manufacture is in the states now. My problem is I have been buying majorette from over seas and a bunch from TJ max this past summer that I have most of the cars already. and 3.50 a car is nothing compared to 10 plus from overseas. Im worried that sales will be poor and they will stop before bringing their new stuff over.

  7. These look nice in photos, but look and feel cheap in person. The sense I get is that they are lower quality than Hot Wheels. I’m going to have to pass.

    1. Lower quality than Hot Wheels? Trust me Majorette are FAR superior than your basic HW and MBX in every respect apart from maybe wheel design. Dont forget in Europe they arnt as expensive as what you guys are charged at TRU. Here in the UK they are actually CHEAPER than a basic Mattel product and offer so much more. I love collecting MBX and HW but they just dont compare to Majorette im afraid

  8. I’ve picked up a number of these during ToysRUs’ going out of business sale here in the USA. I have to say they look and feel fantastic in hand. They absolutely do not look or feel cheap. That is just plain incorrect. They roll great and many have terrific suspensions.

    Highly recommended. [Even moreso for half price.]

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