Auto World 2017 Premium Release 3 is here. It’s a good one.

A few of you have reported finding the latest set from Auto World at Walmart.  You are a lucky bunch.

Auto World is on a good run at the moment.  The hobby-exclusive Lead Sled Wagons are out, as are the four Toys R Us exclusives.  But don’t sleep on the standard Premium Release either.

Any set that marks the return of the Cadillac Coupe DeVille is significant, as is the return of the ’74 Plymouth Roadrunner.  But the star is the Color Swatch Barracuda, based on the actual car used for the Barracuda ads showcasing the many colors is could don.


The model is tremendous, and easily sits on par with the Lead Sled and other AW unique standouts.  But the set itself is worth it.  There is a certain joy that Auto World and Tomica Limited Vintage demand when you put them together.


Muscle to classic to yacht.  It is all there.  And it makes these sets so fun to put together.  So get out to your Walmart and check.  You might find some surprises.

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  1. Want. The more of the M2, GL, AW cars I get, the harder it is to look at HW and most MBs. I love the new 510, but when scaled to the wheels, it is HUGE beside my others. AW is my favorite of the “premiums”

  2. This IS a great set. It should be mentioned that the color swatch Barracuda is a beautiful model, but THEY PUT THE COLORS IN THE WRONG ORDER!!!

  3. I was at Walmart last night, and I did see the GTX, Firebird and Challenger on the pegs…I almost bought the GTX but decided against it. The two I really want are the two that weren’t there…the Caddy and the color swatch Barracuda. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for those

    1. As a side-note, on the same trip, the Matchbox section was very freshly stocked (for once in a blue moon) and I did get the new 510 Rally (with the 6-spokes instead of discs), Tesla in pearl white, and some others, including a new 5-pack with the 911 Turbo, Opel Speedster and others. Curious to hear if anyone else has finally found some new MB in their own stores.

      1. I found some as well at my local Walmart and Dollar General. I’m still looking for the BMW i3. The way things are going, they will probably show up at Dollar Tree next month-which isn’t all that bad. Most scalpers stay away from the Tree because it’s below their standards.

      2. Last few weeks have been good. I found the 510 and the 5 pack 2? weeks ago locally. Repaint of hte fFormula Firebird, the speed radar trailer thingie. Got the Tesla this week. HW dump bins are full of Q case HW and new MBs as well. THe Auto Worlds are not out though. They had the black Caddy for months hanging on the pegs, as well as the Chevy wagon from first release. I stupidly didn’t buy them then. I would now though. Also on pegs is the latest JL case and M2 has the camaros. I found a full set of both of the orange and white cars. Decided I really couldn’t afford any of them since I already have a pretty good selection of camaro models and try to limit my intake of cars.

  4. If any auto company made a swatch car today, it would be X number shades of silver/gray with black and white “bookends”. I hope they corrected the hood issue on the Caddy. I would LOVE to see a Mary Kay pink Coupe de Ville.

  5. While we’re on AW, here’s some ideas for future castings:

    ’63-’65 Buick Riviera
    Any ’60s Cadillac
    ’78 Lincoln Continental MK V (Bill Blass Edition??)
    ’73-’77 Chevy Monte Carlo
    ’70 Plymouth Fury
    ’70-’72 Olds Vista Cruiser
    ’66-’67 Olds Toronado
    ’60 Ford Starliner
    ’71-’72 Plymouth GTX/Satellite
    ’65 Pontiac Bonneville
    ’66 Buick Wildcat
    ’78-’81 Chevy Malibu
    any Rambler station wagon or convertible

    A couple of these casting are already JL cars and great castings in their own right, but seeing them in true 1/64 would be awesome. Some of these can have the front and rear casting fascias changed to represent different years. Maybe AW could also do a pickup truck series.

      1. I’ve seen a Powell pickup–very utilitarian looking. Anyone up for a Chrysler Turbine or Muntz Jet? Devon SS?

    1. I’d love to see some pickup trucks from AW. Some of the less commonly-done ones, like some International Harvesters or Diamond T…Hell, they could even go more modern and do a Jeep Comanche. M2 already does Studebaker pickups, but they’re so flimsy. I’d love to see AW do a Studebaker 2R with their higher quality touches.

  6. There’s tons of pick ups that would be right up AWs alley. Early f-series, c/k series, any truck from the 50’s, blazers, broncos.

    I have been on the AW bandwagon for a few years now and just found my first ultra red in the form of the TRU Pontiac Grand Prix exclusive. The chassis and interior are white! Super cool car. You can’t beat AW quality and and prices. I highly encourage those that haven’t yet, go buy one, open it, and tell me it doesn’t impress you.

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