Lamley Daily: 2017 Hot Wheels ’95 Mazda RX-7 Kmart Exclusive

#lamleydaily – September 23, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels ’95 Mazda RX-7

Line: 2017 Mainline Kmart Exclusive

Where to get it: While there might be one or two hanging in one of few Kmarts left, eBay is your best bet.

Why it’s in the collection: It’s the best mainline new model of 2017, at least off the top of my head.  I think I like the blue version slightly better, but not by much.  This is a beautiful pair.

But the Kmart FD will be on many collector’s want lists in the future for more than just its looks.  It is already highly sought-after because of its very small production numbers.  Kmart stores are sadly vanishing, and the release of the Collector Day cases, whether in store or online, clearly reflected that.  It is obvious that Kmart’s order for this event was much smaller than in year’s past.  Fewer Kmarts, and fewer cases at the Kmarts that are still open.  The same goes for online sales, where the cases sold out the same day they went on sale.  Mix that scenario with a model as popular as the RX-7, and you have an instant high demand.

But there is another way to look at it.  There is a good chance this red model doesn’t exist without Kdays.  The Collector Event is a Kmart thing.  It is not something that Mattel will just move to another chain.  This is Kmarts event, and they order the exclusive colors and cases.  Clearly Mattel saw the Then & Now RX-7’s as valid Kmart exclusives, so they made them.  So even with the small numbers, we can still be happy the red FD just exists.

I spent a lot of money to buy three cases just to have a six RX-7 exclusives.  No RX-7, I only buy one case.  It’s that good.

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  1. The red model is great. For me, it was a better find than the $TH. When you hear rx7, you automatically picture a red one (minus you initial D fans).
    The problem here, and there is one….the wheels choice. The yellow on the wheel completely distracts you from the car. It’s the first thing your eyes are.drawn to…and it shouldn’t be. The wheels should be an after thought. Easily fixed by those of us not afraid to DLM and, God forbid, rip that joker apart and give it a wheel choice that it demands.
    Can’t wait to see those customs. As for me, I have both. The blue remains displayed. Red is in the waiting room for surgery.

    1. What a great casting. I got the red one in the mail today (bought on TTP). The wheel choice is okay but the gold ring around it had to go. A small alcohol swap did the job. Looks much better. This one would look great in silver!

  2. *ebay is my best bet*

    I dont need one that bad. Brand new being sold in stores that are drying up faster than a puddle in the Sahara. You would think the Brain Trust in El Segundo would see the shift and plan Target Dayz. Or Wal*Mart Days. Or choose another box store that hasnt threatend to close down. Toys R Us is filing chapter 11. At this rate, only Target and Wal*Mart will be left for National Hot Wheel events.

    The RX-7 is cool. But I refuse to pay premiums for a mainline

  3. Beautiful model, but not worth the hassle and cost to acquire one. I just snagged the blue debut version the other day, and I’m perfectly content with it (and whatever future versions may come after). I’m guessing Kdays is probably a dying event. Shame to have less exclusives, but for someone like me who isn’t willing to dish out and order an entire case just for a couple models, it doesn’t make much difference.

  4. We hope to maybe see the ’95 RX-7 in a premium line one day, but for now.. this awesome red Kmart version will do and I’m glad I snatched up a few while I did .. especially since one dude at the event was trying to grab them all like a greedy, hungry snake.
    I much rather pass on the blue.. that color blue is so drab & dark & I also think the wheels on the red version w/the gold trim looks cheap.
    You would hope that Target has an event if ever one day Kmart decides to shut it’s doors. I don’t think Target would want toy car collectors to set foot in their stores, IMPO .. I don’t think they would mix well w/their clientele (esp. the collectors from my area)! Now.. I can see Walmart doing a special event, but I wonder if they did, only certain locations because there are so many WM’s around … I might have been thinking too far ahead there.

  5. I saw a yellow version with a black hood today, done up F&F style. It also has some Japanese characters on the sides. So there’s yet another one to chase after.

  6. Some seller locally bought the complete 2017 box set and did an online unboxing. There, there, the blue ef honda. I cant seem to figure out which exclusive is it. Since locally we already started 2018 cases. At B case now. Any ideas?

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