Let’s help put Matchbox in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

The Strong National Museum of Play and National Toy Hall of Fame recently announced this year’s finalists for induction.  Among them?  Matchbox.

Let’s do all we can to get Matchbox in.

NTHOF White 2 edit

Iconic toy brands like Barbie and Lego are already in, as is Hot Wheels.  And it makes sense to me that if Hot Wheels is in, Matchbox should be as well.  Hot Wheels is undoubtedly the more popular brand today, but Matchbox has been an iconic brand for even longer.  And it seems to me that we as diecast collectors should do all we can to get the orange brand in.  It most certainly deserves to be there.  A vote for Matchbox in this poll is really a vote for toy cars and diecast collecting in general.

You can vote here.

And yes, you should vote.  It is easy, super quick, your vote goes a long way.

As I right this, Matchbox is in third, but it has been surging.  I thought I would get the word out here, and get as many diecast collectors to join in.

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  1. I haven’t even heard about the other toys/ companies in that poll you linked, except Uno. Not only that, but Matchbox is partly responsible for starting my die-cast cars collection. So its a no brainier that I would vote for Matchbox.

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