Come to JCCS this Saturday to celebrate the Datsun 510 with Matchbox, and see – and possibly take home – some incredible models.

I have mentioned a few times this week that JCCS – the Japanese Classic Car Show – is this Saturday in Long Beach, California.  It is the premiere classic Japanese car gathering in the US, and is recognized as one of the best in the world.  And it is always a treat to attend.

Reasons #1 through #1000 to attend will always be the amazing vehicles at the show, from stock daily drivers to customized classics.  It is almost overwhelming.  But over the last few years some diecast brands have made their presence known as well.  Hot Wheels always seems to have something to show off, and the last couple of years Matchbox has created a major presence, even becoming a sponsor.

922ac-img_0076I remember two years ago, when a member of the Matchbox team wandered the show with a Hakosuka Skyline prototype in his bag, creating a buzz at the show every time he took it out.  Only one year later, Matchbox was at the show, partnering with Nissan to showcase the brand new Skyline casting, with special customs made and a special limited edition Skyline to give away.


Fast forward to this Saturday, and it is happening again.  Just like last year, Matchbox will parked at the Nissan booth, this time with the Matchbox Superlift Truck, with beautiful customs to show, and a model to give away.  This year, that giveaway is the brand new – and beautiful – Datsun 510 Rally.


Roughly 150 attendees at the show will head home with this special limited edition model, housed in a Sterling Clamshell Protector, with a “JCCS 2017” sticker marking the event.  There will also be a special mini poster given away to a few lucky attendees.

Like last year, there will be a drawing for the special model.  Unlike last year, it will be very simple to be eligible: Just show up at the Matchbox booth.

Once the event opens at 9 am, head over to the Matchbox booth, which once again will be at the Nissan display area.  Check out the 510 and Nissan Junior customs done by the 2017 Matchbox Custom Contest winners, ogle over some prototypes of upcoming Matchbox models, and get your self a ticket.  One ticket per person, but make sure you get one.  You need one to win.

There will be two drawings, one at 10:30 AM and one at 1:00 PM.  Abe and the Team will draw about 75 tickets, and if the winners are present, they get one of the models.  That simple.

Win or not, you surely want to visit the Matchbox booth, if anything to see the customs:

The Custom Contest is one of the coolest things the Matchbox Team does.  Not only does it allow the winners to customize an unreleased raw version of either the 510 or Nissan Junior, but this year the 25 winners will get something extra special mailed back with their customs.


This year, Abe and the Team created a super-limited special deco 510 Rally for the custom winners.  It is the same mainline release, only with additional side racing graphics that pay homage to the classic 510 Safari deco.  The model comes with its own case, and sits on a sculpted desert trail.  It is a truly stunning piece.


It is truly a special model for a special event.  You never know where this might show up, but if anything, come check it out along with the customs.  It should be a great time.

Congrats to the winners, and to you folks attending, have a great time.



6 Replies to “Come to JCCS this Saturday to celebrate the Datsun 510 with Matchbox, and see – and possibly take home – some incredible models.”

  1. Thanks for showing these. I’ve enjoyed the whole experience – except waiting for the post to get to El Segundo. Learnt new skills, developed others. Wish I could be there at the show.

  2. The special 510 is epic! I love it! The extra details suddenly makes the casting shine so much. If we are to get similar kind of detailing on the basic models, I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit extra. I’m sure others would agree. But again, Matchbox isn’t even available in India so it probably doesn’t matter.

  3. Let’s hope there’s a way for quality of that JCCS special car to reach more of us. People will pay the extra price, like they do for better Hot Wheels cars.

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