The Matchbox Nissan Skyline Giveaway at JCCS is tomorrow. Be ready…

The Matchbox Skylines are ready.  200 marked with an commemorative JCCS sticker, and bundled nicely in a Sterling Protector, to be given out at the Nissan Booth. And maybe a surprise or two beyond that.

So what are the details?

It is basically this.  When you get to JCCS, be sure to visit the Nissan booth and check out all the goodies, from a handful of classics to the brand new Nissan GT-R.  While you are there look for the Matchbox section.  Gerry and Abe from Matchbox Design will be there, I might be too.

First off, have a gander at the amazing 16 Skyline Customs that will be on display, and ogle over the early prototypes of two more upcoming Matchbox Japanese classics for 2017, the Datsun 510 Rally and Nissan Junior Pickup.

At that point be sure to pick up a free ticket and gather the instructions you need to win one of the Skylines.  There will be drawings throughout the day.  If you are one of the lucky 200, you will have one heck of an exclusive.

See you tomorrow…

6 Replies to “The Matchbox Nissan Skyline Giveaway at JCCS is tomorrow. Be ready…”

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  2. so, just an update. They only raffled out 120 cars. and the other 80 or so were given away to people that hung around after the raffle. What a waste, to go there ask information early in the morning, then get shinned on by the people there, only to find out they couldn't give a straight answer on the number of cars to raffle off. Then as the event is ending, you see people you know didnt win a raffle walking out with them, then you find out they gave them away

  3. biglarge83 there is a little more to the story. There were quite a few of people who were drawn who never claimed their prize. So instead of boxing up the models and taking them back the rest were handed out.

    I will say there are things that could have been done better. This was a joint venture with Nissan and I think they didn't realize the response this giveaway would get. We had to play by certain rules, but I think things will go much smoother next year. Shoot me an email –

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