Did you see the Matchbox Skyline at JCCS?

Isn’t JCCS fun?

At this moment Jun Imai is at the Japanese Nostalgic Car booth signing everything from posters to glove boxes, and at the same time previewing the upcoming Hot Wheels RX-3.

Not to be outdone, Matchbox is also at the event previewing their upcoming Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X, and the buzz birds are humming.  If you are not following Matchboxworld on Instagram, please PLEASE do.

Here is the exciting thing.  This model will be in the Lamley studio next week for a full first look.  And yeah, I am stoked to show it.

In the meantime, keep following the #JCCS events on Instagram.  And contemplate how fun it is to be a collector right now.  It seems our friends at Mattel are more open now than they ever were.  Was that so hard?

16 Replies to “Did you see the Matchbox Skyline at JCCS?”

  1. Whoa!

    Now that is a casting…………….

    However, I fear an own goal – will Mattel bother to get this out to other markets? I doubt it……..you need this model to be available to all outside of the US – it is no good creating such models and only having a certain market easily obtain.

  2. Also, the U.S. Will be lucky to even find one of these things in stores. I think my friend said it best when I showed him the rx3 yesterday. ” alright, I can't wait to not find this in stores”

  3. Mattel, please just do everyone a solid favor, and combat scalpels by making at least half the box that these are release in nothing but this skyline and increase distribution. You already have problems distributing the non peg warming models as it is, matchbox has never ever seen a model that has this amount of hype associated with it, not to mention the damn thing looks flawless.

  4. Me too I'd be left speechless & stunned but in my case if Matchbox resolves distribution issues especially when it comes to up to date products then I may be rendered speechless & stunned so having mentioned that I'm essentially looking forward in purchasing the Matchbox brand Nissan Skyline.

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