Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Ford Falcon XB Super Treasure Hunt

#lamleydaily – September 13, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Ford Falcon Xb

Line: 2012 Super Treasure Hunt

Where to get it: eBay is your best bet

Why it’s in the collection: It’s a no-brainer for the collection.  Pick an angle.  It’s a beautiful purple, and purple Supers always stand out.  It’s a very nice replica of a very cool car.  It’s Australian.

I have a few releases of this casting in my collection, and typically I collect those that look the most stock.  The deco on this one is definitely original to Hot Wheels, but it works so well I had to have it.  I never found this one in store, so I traded for it.  Glad I did.

4 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Ford Falcon XB Super Treasure Hunt”

  1. Would love to see hot wheels or matchbox do some more aussie cars…. maybe some holdens both new and old. Anything australian gets snapped up very quickly here in oz. Greenlight xb falcons are super cool especially the alan moffat racing one from glmuscle.

  2. I would love to see this car, and an old Monaro, done up in the RLC, like the original Hotwheels, as a Custom Falcon and Custom Monaro, to salute and celebrate the end of their era of production. How cool that would be. Metal on metal, redlines, spectraflame.

  3. Never found this one, but I do have the standard version of it. I’ve always liked this casting. The prices for the two Supers that were done of this aren’t overly outrageous either.

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