The Hot Wheels Halloween Shippers are hitting US Kroger stores.

I don’t typically get too excited for Halloween cars.  But there is something about this assortment this year, with the killer skull wheels, that makes it noteworthy.

If you remember, an few sets were erroneously sent to Walmarts over the summer, and that allowed for a very early preview here on Lamley.

Well fall is approaching, and now, more appropriately, the Halloween cars are hitting.  I have heard of some at Walgreens, but full shippers are hitting Kroger stores:

I found this shipper at a City Market preparing its holiday display, and the gentleman working on it took it out for me to snap a photo.  He also found another basic shipper that he let me look through as well, but that is a story for another time.


Nonetheless, if you want these crazy cool cars, head over to a local Kroger/Smith’s/Fry’s/Ralph’s/City Market/etc.  You should find them.

6 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Halloween Shippers are hitting US Kroger stores.”

  1. What establishments are included in the “etc.” that you mentioned when you said where to check? None of those stores operate in my area. Will this be at Walmart or Target?

  2. I don’t have any of those store’s around where I live. So the only way I will be getting any of those Halloween car’s is if any of my Walgreen’s store’s get these in. Otherwise I won’t be able to get these.

      1. I don’t buy online. I think people sell stuff for way too much online. Plus I don’t trust everybody online. I only trust my family and my Friend’s. I don’t trust strangers.

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