The latest from Tarmac Works is now available at SURPLUSgoodies.

Just a heads up that the latest Hobby64 models from Tarmac Works are now available at SURPLUSgoodies.

TW is truly becoming the masters of race cars in 1/64, and the next batch of Audi R8 LMS models show that.  The AAPE model is blue stands out, but both new releases are great.  Same with the Civics.

It is great to have a seller for Tarmac Works in the US, and SURPLUSgoodies has them, plus older models:

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies

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  1. Also if you act now there’s a limited edition type r civic in wicked cool grey color, but can only be purchased on the tarmac site. Last I read there were less than 50 being sold online. I bought the Motul livery, and it’s fantastic. Snagged a grey one too because bland colors make me happy.

    Thumps up to surplus goodies for having reasonable prices also.

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