Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Ford Anglia 105E Harry Potter Spider Swarm Playset Exclusive

#lamleydaily – September 6th, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Ford Anglia 105E

Line: Harry Potter Spider Swarm Playset (2002)

Where to get it: Look for a packaged Spider Swarm Playset or search Ford Anglia -panel on ebay

Why it’s in the collection:  I have been reading the Harry Potter books with my 11-year-old daughter, and it has been fun to revisit.  Man, those are good books.  And just like kids were doing 20 years ago, my daughter is now running around with a stick from one of our trees, casting spells on everything.  I have been the victim of quite a few.

After we finish a book, we watch the accompanying movie.  We just finished the third book, so we move on to that movie this weekend.  Thankfully, starting with “The Prisoner of Azkaban”, the movies get really good.  The first two?  Not great.

But the second book did feature the Weasley’s Ford Anglia, which in turn appeared in the movie, which spurred the Hot Wheels Spider Swarm playset, which required a Ford Anglia replica.  And that we got.

I have wanted this model for awhile, more for the fact that its an Anglia than for the Potter tie-in, so I bought the set on eBay and told the seller to just send the car to save on shipping.  Crazy, right?

It isn’t particularly stock, sitting wide and low.  But that’s a good thing.  It looks fast, especially with that unique silhouette.  It means the model could be a little more “Hot Wheels-y” for future releases after the playset release.  Sadly we haven’t gotten many.  A 2005 release with an FTE variant, and a 5-pack release.  I would not complain if we saw it again.  In fact, I would not complain if we got a premium version, maybe in a Car Culture rally set alongside the Escort.  One can dream.

For now, I am happy to have this very plain, but nice-looking baby blue Anglia.

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    1. Jon, come on. I said the first two MOVIES are not great. I said the books are fantastic. Sometimes you are so quick to criticize you miss what was actually said.

  1. I wish they bring those wheels back. They would look so good on some of the classic cars Hot Wheels has been doing recently.

  2. I like harry potter. I seen all the movies. But I haven’t read the books. That Ford Anglia 105E is a nice car. I’m on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  3. An interesting model for sure, but not worth the price of admission, especially with zero tampo and the ill-fitting wheels. I do wish they’d release the Anglia again, and I agree a premium release would be awesome.

    When I saw the thumbnail pic of this my brain irrationally thought I was seeing a Matchbox prototype and I got really excited until I remembered we already know what all the new models for the next year will be. I can’t help thinking MB would do an awesome job on a stock version of this.

  4. I never cared much for the books or the movies. but i did like the Anglia. In fact, I remember when the set first hit Walmart following the second movie. It was $15.00 at the time, so I decided to wait until they hit the clearance aisle. Three months following their debut, they were marked down to $5.00 I bought two as gifts and one just for the car.

  5. Wow, that is one brilliant looking model that I’ve never seen before. I agree that it would make a great touring car or whatever.

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