M2 Machines unveils Auto-Japan Series 2, upcoming 1/24 scale Datsun 510

Will everyone stop making such awesome stuff!?!  This is getting really hard to keep up with.

A month ago I was all about M2’s new Auto-Japan, then Auto World sent over the Lead Sled, plus I’ve been hunting Red Editions, and JCCS is coming, and the Hot Wheels Convention, and HW Modern Classics is coming.  And now it is back to M2 Auto-Japan again.  Too much good stuff.  It starts to hurt.

So yeah, just a few weeks after the insanity that was late-night hunts for 510, Fairlady, and Hakosuka Chases, all embedded in one hell of a Japanese set from M2, we are back at it again.  The next set is coming:

Same three castings, detailed like crazy, but in new colors and decos.  Plus a new set of chases:


You can see the pattern.  In the first release, the stock 510, racing Fairlady, and stock Hako GT-R were the chases.  This time, it is their counterparts – the racing 510, stock Fairlady (as the Raw Superchase), and the racing Hako.

Besides the Chases, the set is a gem, and the similarity in decos makes for a great 12-car set.  Or 18 if you include the Chases.

Nonetheless, it’s coming this month to a store near you.  (This one isn’t a Walmart exclusive.)  Look for a full Lamley video/photo showcase shortly.

But that isn’t all.  If you are not following M2 Machines on Facebook, you really should.  Sean and the gang there enjoy throwing little sneaks out on Facebook Live.  Just like they did a few days ago:


I have already stolen enough of their thunder, so watch the video.  The large scale 510 jumps in at about the 15 minute mark.  But do watch the whole video.  Sean starts throwing around serious automotive knowledge.  (And check out those upcoming Camaros, for me, further proof that the ’70 is my favorite Camaro.)


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  1. Nice stuff, but I think the first series is more desirable…I’m happy to have scored 5 of the original 6 on one late-night run, followed by the 6th a few days later. I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for these, but I’m happy with the first mix.

  2. Well, for me at least, this big wave of JDM models from everyone everywhere will give me a break from spending. Maybe. I guess I may be the only collector in the world that just isn’t excited about Japanese autos. I have bought a few, but just don’t gete excited about them. Y’all can have mine. But leave the Caddies and wagons on the pegs, please…lol

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