Hot Wheels introduces yet another Real Rider wheel, and this may be the most needed of all.

Hot Wheels wheels have made MAJOR strides the last couple of years.  Even with a wide array of wheels in both premium and basic form, there were tons of gaps.

But that have been filling those in.  We have seen some cool new wheels in basic, and the 4-spoke Real Rider introduced last year looks good on a ton of models.  But there has been one MASSIVE gap – modern sports car Real Riders.  Hot Wheels has used the 5-spoke and GT RR wheels for modern sports and supercars, and sometimes they work, many times they don’t.

That is going to change.  The Hot Wheels Design Team dropped this early this morning:

This is the new 6-spoke Real Rider, clearly inspired by recognizable rims like the Volk TE37, an iconic tuner rim.  Here is another angle, provided by Hot Wheels:

IMG_7400 2

You look at these and start thinking of all the models that need these.  How about the 180SX Type X?  Mazda RX-7?  370Z?  Type R?  GT350R?  The possibilities are endless, and these wheels open up all kinds of Car Culture and Super TH options.  We will have to wait and see where they appear first.

11 Replies to “Hot Wheels introduces yet another Real Rider wheel, and this may be the most needed of all.”

  1. Not bad at all, a good fit for a great many castings. How often will this get chromed though? I’m wondering if it looks good only in black.

  2. I’d say on any modern car these would look great in any color, except for chrome….please don’t chrome then out lol.

  3. They will look good on a lot of cars, no doubt, but it doesn’t matter what anyone says, the Volks TE37s and the R34 Skyline are a match made in heaven! NO OTHER CAR will ever look as iconic as the R34 does sitting on these wheels.

  4. I totally agree with tht 6 spoke wheels… R35, 180SX & R34 is suit for i whtever it is for drag, drift or street racer look… I hope it will come soon one day…

    1. OZ wheels are impossible to replicate in 64 scale bruh. Too many tiny spokes, it will like like fully-closed BBS when the casting is done.

      1. These are definitely a welcome addition to the current limited lineup of RR wheels. I think they look fantastic on the GT-R and will also look good on a number of other [Japanese] import tuners. Having said that, this wheel style has never been a personal favorite of mine. I generally lean towards a more stock look over the Fast & Furious tuner look and feel this wheel definitely has that tuner vibe. I also don’t think these would necessarily be the best choice for European sports cars and exotics.

  5. Anyone who would like their wheels to be chrome, but the mfr doesn’t make ’em in chrome, here’s an EASY way to do-it-yourself: get a Molotow CHROME (NOT silver) paint pen (1mm tip size) from an art supply retailer, and paint your own. Remove the tires first, let the paint you applied dry THOROUGHLY (overnight) before re-installing the tires. If you accidentally get a little paint where you don’t want it, have a slightly damp cloth or toothpick (or toothpick with damp cloth wrapped around it) handy to wipe it off immediately. Using magnification to see what you’re doing better really helps tremendously.

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