Saturday Showcase: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX

One of the final – and most popular – Ferraris.


Find the HW Ferrari 599XX on eBay.

5 Replies to “Saturday Showcase: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX”

  1. This is a fantastic casting, and among the last Ferraris for Mattel, unfortunately. I only have four…a couple mainlines, plus both the yellow and black Speed Machines releases. The high prices for some of the rarer versions and the TH releases means that four is probably all I’ll ever have.

    That silver-blue 599 GTB toward the beginning of the showcase is sharp!!! Wish I had that one…The Ferrari Racer series looks like as good a lineup as any to totally binge on someday when I have disposable income.

  2. Some of the Speed Machine cars are going for crazy money! I think the zamac version of this car tops the list AFAIK. The 599 GTB may be one of the most popular HW Ferrari castings, but I prefer the much more obscure 612 Scaglietti: better lines and all the wheels are the same size. However, this casting is growing on me.

  3. Here’s a little more info from my experience with Speed Machines. They came out just when I started collecting. As far as I remember, I only ever spotted them at ToysRUs. So they weren’t exclusively at Walmart, at least in my area. As a new collector, these seemed expensive to me! Still, I have two of the red #3 599XX, for which I’m thankful.

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