Lamley Daily: 2014 Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 Kmart Exclusive

#lamleydaily – August 24, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 (E30)

Line: 2014 Mainline Kmart Exclusive

Where to get it: Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: This is another one of those “Hot Wheels makes it, I collect it” models.  The E30 has been on my faves list since the first release in the HW Racing premium series.  My favorite release remains the first mainline release in grey with gold lace wheels, but I do like this Kmart release as well.

The Kmart exclusives are interesting.  They seem to be prevalent for awhile, but considering these are released on essentially one day, they are not nearly as prevalent as others.  Factor in the shrinking number of stores, and these become harder and harder to get.  So I get pretty determined to get a couple of each, especially models like this BMW.  It pays off.

4 Replies to “Lamley Daily: 2014 Hot Wheels ’92 BMW M3 Kmart Exclusive”

  1. The 2012 ROADRCR line E30 (Canada) is one of the nicest, but the example you spoke of with the gold lace wheels is pretty sweeet as well.
    Speaking of Kmart.. isn’t there a Hot Wheels event coming up next month?

  2. Awesome 1992 BMW M3 (E30) you reviewed congrats thumbs up. I have this one in my collection. I like it and I love it thumbs up.

  3. This M3 is indeed a damn fine casting. I do have this Kmart version, though the one Kmart that’s convenient to me has just closed, so I don’t envision scoring any more Kmart exclusives. I wonder how much longer that company will last.

    1. The company should hopefully last a little while longer. Sears/Kmart has partnered with Amazon and is now offering there entire catalog for sale thru Amazon. This should increase there business and at least keep them open a little bit longer. I always buy my cases online anyway so hopefully that won’t go away anytime soon!

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