Aoshima announces Grand Champion Collection 10. JDM and 1/64 fans rejoice.

These are always happy announcements.  Aoshima, known more for their incredibly detailed model kits, announced the 10th release of their incredibly cool 1/64 Grachan series.


This is about as Japanese as it gets.  The Grachan (Grand Champions) models are essentially bosozoku cars, which were inspired by the popular Super Silhouette race cars of the 80’s.  Complicated maybe, but I have explained it before.

Nonetheless, these models are unique, and surely worth having.  My guess is Japan Booster will be putting these up for presale soon, and you can be sure I will be featuring the hell out of them once I get my hands on them.

This series, like previous, has some existing castings in new colors, plus two new models – a splendid Silvia Super Silhouette and shark-nosed Z (at least I think it is new).  There are 6 castings, in two colors each, with some chases mixed in.  Here they all are:


Cool, right?

And hey, just to speak to a little pet peeve of mine.  We all start somewhere.  Meaning, if you “have been into bosozoku before all the Hot Wheels hype”, I don’t give a shit.  Seriously.  Congrats to you, but what I love about diecast is it introduces any who collects to all kinds of new cars and car culture.  So sure, like the Hot Wheels Laurel and C210, Grachan might be new to some, and they might like it, and they might go nuts for these.  And that is awesome.  I love collecting diecast, and that is a major reason why.  It has no place for pettiness.

I can’t wait for these.

8 Replies to “Aoshima announces Grand Champion Collection 10. JDM and 1/64 fans rejoice.”

  1. I have some of the earlier Aoshima cars, and they look as good in person as they do in the pictures. I prefer the toned down look as on the Corona and Kenmuri Skyline to the full bosozoku treatment on the Mazda Cosmo and Nissan sedan. I’ve bought all of mine through Japan Booster and took advantage of the free shipping with a $50+ order.

  2. The Z is a new casting. I hope I can find the 2 new cars separate. I don’t really want to buy a set. The cars are nice but not enough for me to stockpile duplicates.

  3. I would love to have those in my collection,but I hope I can get a good price. The last one were crazy. I hope they make more and if they don’t I will wait to see if UCC makes a collection. I still wish to find the Mechanical Doctor collection.

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