The corrected color on the Matchbox VW Golf Country is hitting the pegs.

I wanted to pass along this video from our friends at the diecasttvchannel.  They found the Matchbox J Case near their home in New Zealand, and lo and behold:

The new “corrected” color on the VW Golf Country.  The assumption was that it would show, but nothing could be confirmed until it actually did appear.


The art still depicts the original, so I don’t know if that will change.  At least you can get the model.

Oh, and pretty cool error.  It is an error grail, the Matchbox model with a Hot Wheels wheel.  It doesn’t happen often, and only a lucky few find them.


6 Replies to “The corrected color on the Matchbox VW Golf Country is hitting the pegs.”

  1. Well, I sure wish I could find ANY new Matchbox on my pegs, I about passed out looking at the plethora of pegs of Matchbox he had to choose from. I am lucky to find only 4 or 6 pegs in my local Walmart. I am only going to find ONE peg of Matchbox with my local grocer as they seem to have reset and that is all the space they have allowed for the ole Orange crew@@! WHAT GIVES, we are about to hit a milestone anniversary for that brand and you cut them to ONE PEG, THANKS FOR NOTHING. Well, it is very odd to get an error on MB, but since the HW brand has seemingly churned out an error or more per case, seems they are over due at MB to get the lack of quality control. Ranting over, but is it going to be the green color first and then the SAPPHIRE second?? It is listed as a SAPPHIRE model isn’t it??? I have to be honest, I have been so busy that I have still not watched the full video from the gathering explaining all that. I will have to go do that NOW>

    1. I think the sapphire edition is a whole separate thing…the color of this debut is just a coincidence I think.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you on poor selection of Matchbox at most retailers. I’ve just about given up hope on the orange brand in terms of distribution. There’s just so many models I’d have loved to have gotten that came and went without me being able to find a single one.

  2. I guess I’m kind forturnate in that in 6 – 9 months, I will be able to find the cars that are posted TODAY… Other night Walmart had put out a new case of HW. Unfortunately it was B case 2017. WTH is Q case? I guess that will be January. And grocery stoes? They quit carrying toys long ago around here. About time I grew out of them the first time.

  3. On a different note, I am very happy to see the new color showing up in J cases- that means we should have a good chance of finding the new color, and maybe even the new card art(?) in the K case. By the way- yes, that is indeed very rare finding that style error.

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